New Year activities of Vietnamese in Saigon

New Year activities of Vietnamese in Saigon
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Find out in this article what locals in Saigon, Vietnam usually do in New Year Eve.

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Take pictures with the colorful streets

On New Year's occasion, Sai Gon is shown wearing the shimmering colors of the Led with different topics. Celebrate 2018 is no exception, starting from December 20, a series of roads in the city center decorated with great artistic beauty and splendor. This is also a chance for you and your loved ones to dress up and take photos together.


Walk around the lines such as Nam Ky Khoi Nghia, Ham Nghi, Dong Khoi, Le Duan, International Square, Ton Duc Thang, Nguyen Hue, Truong Dinh ... it is difficult for you to pass without stopping. Some pictures before the reception of the 2018 New Year's Eve in Saigon. 

Have fun at the mall

Malls in Saigon @ Living Local - Triip

This is also a good hint for those who are away from street dust and smoke but still want to have fun on New Year's Eve. Especially the shopping center is considered a shopping paradise when the year-end attractive promotions or food heaven for you to eat.


In addition, some commercial centers such as Takashimaya, Diamond Plaza, Vincom or Aeon Mall always attract the people and visitors with the unique decoration, novelties bring atmosphere to welcome the new year is bustling fresh. With shimmering decorative backgrounds, you will be able to give you "virtually live like" pictures.


Gather at the new year parties

If you want to have moments gathering with family and friends before the eve of the New Year, the party is one of the most meaningful ideas.


There is nothing like everyone sitting together in a separate space, cozy around eating intimate dinner at the end of the year.


Indulge in the art show

Beside lighting activities on the city center lines, the New Year's Eve in 2018 in Saigon also can not lack the special performances in the famous pedestrian street Nguyen Hue and Bui Vien. One of them must count down the countdown at the last minute of the year at the Nguyen Hue pedestrian street. The program has the participation of international artists such as Apl De Ap, Jessica Reynoso, Laurence Tremblay-Vu and Vietnamese artists such as Thanh Bui, Phuong Vy, Ai Phuong, Lan Nha.


Along with the Countdown program, you will also have the opportunity to enjoy 3D lighting on the Ho Chi Minh City People's Committee (Le Thanh Ton Street), promising to bring you colorful light dance on the background music. new.


New year fireworks

Fireworks in Saigon @ VNSplorer

After the countdown time, the most anticipated moment is the fireworks with all shapes, colors glow in the sky in the echoing New Year greetings of all people.


This year, Sai Gon held a high-altitude fireworks show at the head of the tunnel crossing the Saigon River (District 2) and three low-level spots at Dam Sen Cultural Park (District 11), Cu Chi Tunnels Cu Chi District), Sac Forest Square (Can Gio District) with a duration of 15 minutes. In addition to the above 4 points, the city plans to fire at two other points in Nha Be District and Hoc Mon to serve the needs of the new year.


Going to the temple after the New Year

After the New Year's Eve, temple temples in Saigon are always crowded with visitors. This is not only a cultural beauty but also the most meaningful. Wishing to wish for the good things to come in the new year, you can join your family in any temple in Saigon to offer incense.


In Saigon on the occasion of the new year 2018, there are many places for you to choose, including Nguyen Hue Walking Street, Dam Sen Park, Suoi Mo, Suoi Tien, shopping malls or countdown venues such as Le Duan - Pasteur Crossing in District 1 or Nguyen Hue Boulevard or low-level fireworks at Dam Sen Park.


Hope you enjoy your time in Saigon!

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