6 valuable experiences to try in Siem Reap, Thailand

6 valuable experiences to try in Siem Reap, Thailand
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Exquisite experiences in Siem Riep, Thailand that you should try when you are in this beautiful province of Thailand.

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1. Visit the Angkor ruins complex

It can be said that the Angkor complex is the most expensive tourist destination in Siem Reap. The price for a day trip is 37 USD, 3 days is 60 USD, 7 days is 72 USD. But people say not wrong, expensive sliced pieces.

It is unreasonable that anyone who travels to Siem Reap travel to Angkor. As time went by, the temples in Angkor Wat, Angkor Thom were damaged, but its monumental majesty could not be denied. Watching the ancient citadel, walls, statues sculptured sophisticated, it is difficult not to admire the wonders of the ancients made.


The best time to visit Angkor is by dawn when the magical light of the sun will bring you a magnificent Angkor and splendor. Want to do so, you should schedule a tuk-tuk departure from about 4 am to witness the sun's rays begin to dawn.

2. Have fun at pub street and night market

Pub street in Siem Reap @ Youtube

The funniest and most popular tourist spot is Pub Street and the night market. Pub Street also has the same direction as the streets of Ta Ta Xuyen or Bui Vien, crowded bars, bars, cafes countless. When it was evening when Pub Street started to be the busiest, the street vendors began to clean up, the shops began to smell the cooking and music echoing everywhere.

Your job is to choose for yourself some delicious food, affordable and then drop in the music, improvising some dance. Peace of mind, in a pure tourist destination, everyone wants to relax themselves to enjoy the trip, no one will judge you about the action is not that way. It is important that Pub Street is open late at night so you will not have to worry about playing in Siem Reap.

3. Massage the fish

Traveling always has to travel, so many moves, so massage is always something you should do to pamper, relax your body, at least your legs. In Siem Reap, besides traditional massage services, there is also an interesting massage service.

The fish market along the side of Pub Street for only $ 2, includes a non-alcoholic beverage. Very reasonable price for a fun experience right?


4. Enjoy the cuisine

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Of course, traveling cannot be overlooked to enjoy the food already. In Siem Reap, you can find a variety of dishes, from traditional Cambodian dishes to fushion dishes to meet the needs of the guests.

If you want to eat dust, the soft price you also have countless options of fried noodles, bread, fried rice average price of only 1 to 3 USD. Juice, fruit juices are also very soft, priced at only 1 to 2 USD and are listed price carefully.

5. Shopping in the Old Market

The old town, also known as Phsar Chas, is located in the heart of Siem Reap, where you can discover both food and drink. This market is from early morning to late afternoon, in which there are many food stalls, food for local people, also the souvenir shop souvenir for visitors.

Here you can buy silk scarves, T-shirts, spices, tea, sausages, and silverware. In general, the small business here is very nice, in the souvenir shops are more or less speak English, so shopping is relatively convenient. But remember to bargain, you can bargain down about 30% of the price of small businesses.

6. See the Apsara dance

Apsara dance @ Wikipedia

The Hindu Apsara are the dancing fairies for the gods. Previously, Apsara was a royal dance that served the royal family and the great ones. So if you have come to Siem Reap tourism, do not forget to spend time experiencing this culture. On weekends or public holidays, you can watch the Apsara dance in front of the great temples of central Siem Reap.

On weekdays, you can choose to have dinner at the Khmer restaurants that offer the Apsara dance service to enjoy the evening, while watching the dance full of art. Dinner usually starts at 18h or 19h and dance performances start at 19h30 or 20h, including 4-5 dances in 45-60 minutes. In Siem Reap, there are a number of restaurants offering buffet dinner at Apsara for $ 12 per person. However, if you want to have a nice place, you should buy a ticket and make a reservation at noon.


Hope you enjoy your time in Thailand!

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