6 amazing experiences in Yogyakarta, Indonesia that you should try

6 amazing experiences in Yogyakarta, Indonesia that you should try
UPDATED: 24 Mar 2018 7 Views
These are some of the best things to do in Yogyakarta, Indonesia. If you do not want to stay in Jakarta or some other popular destinations, then you might consider coming to Yogyakarta. It is as much in here. You will have a blast on your holiday that is for sure! >> Aside from Bali, Indonesia still has these amazing destinations

1. Travel by cable car in the Timang Sea

  Everyone knows that Gunungkidul is home to some of the most beautiful beaches in Yogyakarta, including the Timang Sea, 35 km south of Wonosari. Here, you can watch the white waves constantly patting the shore and the rock.   Besides, if you are adventurous then definitely try to travel by cable car across the sea. This is not a normal steel cable hanging from the fabric completely made of fabric. These cables were originally used by residents to catch shrimps, but over time it became a hobby for many travelers.

2. Visiting Kalibiru National Park

Visiting Kalibiru National Park via The Jarkata Post   After 1-2 hours moving from the city to the west, you will find that the temperature here is greatly reduced, and no longer hear the car engine loudly. Above the Menoreh mountain range is the Kalibiru National Park, which has been built and settled by natives since 2009, which attracts many tourists every year.   Unlike most regular parks, visitors to the Kalibiru National Park can freely view the scenery from above by hiking or hiking with challenging ropes in the air. To complete the adventurous trip, you will stop at a table set on a tree, from which you can observe the Lake Sermo and, if lucky, you can see the white waves in the seaside. Nam repeatedly slammed into the sand.

3. Watch the big sand dunes without having to go to Africa

    Drop a glimpse into the sunset that is slowly disappearing behind the dunes and soaking your feet under the sand, feeling like a light breeze touching your body. Here, the time stops and you forget that you are in the center of Java.   You will not need to spend too much money to try sanding in Africa or the Middle East, just for a reasonable price you can have fun in Yogyakarta. Instead of renting ATVs or camels, here you can rent a horse. One more interesting thing is that you can take beautiful wedding photos at the Gumuk Pasir Parangkusumo, which is unique in Indonesia.

4.  Relax in the curtain of water in Luweng Sampang

Luweng Sampang     Here, you will be able to contemplate the natural contours of the large rocks stacked up over thousands of years ago, especially in that they are made entirely of water, the current line The water does not stop flowing and erosion the same curve as the Colorado canyon.   Alternatively, you can dip your feet in the cool water that flows straight out of the Sewu Canyon and respond to your curiosity by exploring the rooms and tunnels hidden behind the water. Unlike other tourist destinations, Luweng Sampang is so secluded that you do not have to pay for the tickets.

5. Visit the underground cave with a lazy river

  Coming to these underground caves, you will have the opportunity to open your eyes to the formation of stalactites and stalagmites on the wall more than 100 years ago, some of which have special properties such as stalks of the fourth largest The world and stalactites are believed to enhance men's masculinity.     The scenery here is contrasted by the turquoise water and the brown rocks on the walls, along with the decorative "motifs" that are the green moss and ferns illuminated by The sun shines through cracks and holes in the sky.

6. Visit Jurassic Park in Jomblang Cave

Jomblang Cave via The Seven Holiday   The Jomblang cave was formed thousands of years ago when a 300-meter land fell into a pit. To date, cave plants include weeds, fungi, ferns and even tall trees that have not been touched and have been preserved for more than 100 years.   From the mouth of the cavern, about 80 meters, you will begin to smell the damp nodules hidden behind the layers of rock that have been built for centuries, a sense of excitement and excitement. During the day (from about 10 am to 2 pm), light rays start to clear through the mouth of the cave, highlighting the forest below, creating a view enough to hypnotize people. Hopefully, you will enjoy your time in Indonesia! For more Places to see, please return to our front page.