When in Melaka, please do not go too fast!


A journey through the beautiful Melaka in Malaysia of a passionate Vietnamese writer.

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An interesting journey between the alleys

The amazing place to be in Malaysia @ Hotel Sentral Melaka

The bus dropped me to Melaka on a golden sunny afternoon after two and a half hours traveling from Kuala Lumpur. At first sight, I knew I had to fall in love with this place and would be very busy when I had to leave.

Although the heritage of Melaka is not so large, walking around the streets is an exciting journey.

Melaka travels, I find myself like a kid holding a mysterious map, curious to follow the instructions and then shouting excitedly with the pleasant surprise that this city is for. myself.

Let’s start the journey from Jonker Walk, the street that is considered the soul of Melaka. You will wonder if you are really in the land of Malaysia or not? Because the roof tile, the door frame or the other columns evoke the very “Chinese” features.

Not surprisingly, along with the development of ocean trade, a part of the Chinese migrated to Melaka in the 14th century.

They live, settle down and marry natives, leaving the heritage of the Baba-Nyonya (Peranakan) culture, which has both Chinese and Malayalam characteristics.

In Jonker Walk, people live between cultural values and a long history of hundreds of years. In a small shop called Wah Aik lying across the street from the Cheng Hoon Teng Temple, the two brothers Raymond and Toni Yeo were still staring at the sewing machine left by his grandfather.

They are the third generation in a family to embellish traditional Peranakan comics. Today, there are no more women suffering from leg cramps but the comics are still sold to Melaka tourists as souvenirs.

At another corner, the smiling host stands at the door, inviting me to visit the Baba-Nyonya Museum. Founded in 1985 by Mr. Chan Kim Lay – fourth generation living in the house, the museum re-imaging culture with living artifacts placed in the living space such as living room, bedroom, room eat…

Across the river is a completely different Melaka. If only a few minutes ago, you still think as if in a Chinese town, now you find yourself standing in the middle of the Dutch square with works of European influences.

The colonial period of England, Holland, Portugal has left a deep impression on the architectural lines that you see today.

You can walk from the Stadthuys and the red church of Christ in the center of the square to Porta de Santiago or climb to the top of the hill overlooking the church without the roof and the statue of St. Paul.

Melaka is the city “not in a hurry” so please relax to enjoy the moments “slow life”. In Melaka, you will receive the smiling smile of the hostess at 8 pm: “Very sorry, the restaurant was closed. Please come back at nine o’clock tomorrow morning. “

In Melaka, you will not have to shake your head in front of loud music and so many tourists.

In Melaka, you do not have to rush, just enjoy a sunny morning on the hill or sip a good cup of coffee or take a stroll along the windswept river.

Do you dare to dream?

The spectacular scene @ Homestay Melaka

I happened to meet Anna and Willem while walking in Jonker Walk. Who would not careless heart will not notice their small stalls, lie between countless other stalls on the street. But if you stop standing, you will hear about their journey through Asia in a year.

Watch the green tea rush through the window on the train from Kandy to Ella (Sri Lanka), live with the indigenous people in Chin State and Kachin (Myanmar), drive motorcycles through the steep slopes and even Deserts in Mongolia … are great experiences that Anna will tell you.

Their journey is many nights in the corner of the newcomer’s home, the car breaks or doing all kinds of work to continue the journey. Now they stop in Melaka, selling homemade items to make money back to Iran, the country they especially love.

I bought a postcard, wish them soon to fulfill their dreams and appoint two people if the opportunity to visit Vietnam. As a bush, I am no wealthier than they are but I am happy because the small amount of their part helps them continue the journey.

Moreover, I do not only to go but also to look at this vast world where every person in it is a piece, a story, a different color.

As the way, Willem has inspired me and so many others: “Your dream does not necessarily have to be travel. It could be anything: open a pistachio farm, run a motel, watch the sunflower field, take your grandmother to the beach, build your own home, become a musician, transfer to live in another city, learn salsa dance … anything!

Do not let your life be driven by the fear and disbelief of others. Do not let yourself regret: “I wish I did that when I was young.”

So you dare to dream?

Hopefully, you enjoy your trip to Melaka, if you ever decide to go here!

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