Visiting Cambodia in Asia in a budget trip


Visiting Cambodia seems like a great destination to be if you are just done in Vietnam and want to visit a different country in Asia due to its closeness.

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Means of transport

You can take the bus from Vietnam to Siem Riep.

Departure starts at 6 am, and there is a direct bus to Siem Reap. The daytime car is a car with only seats but can be relaxing too. Night car is a car with beds. The price of a night car is usually cheaper than a day car, with a travel time of 6 hours each (including immigration procedures at Moc Bai border gate in Tay Ninh province).

Immigration procedures at Moc Bai border gate are quite simple, you just need a passport. The vehicle will collect the passport and register with the customs. You just need to get off the queue to receive your passport and cross the border.


Cambodia is a Buddhist country, so remember to wear solemn clothes when visiting the palaces, temples like Angkor Wat, Angkor Thom …

Because of the dry climate in northern Phnom Penh – Siem Reap, the tourists will be very tired. Prepare long sleeves and hats, travel lightweight, simple to devote to enjoying more.


100 Riel of Cambodia @ Youtube

Before going to Cambodia, you have to exchange USD or Riel in advance to get the best rates. And make a small change in the costs incurred.

In addition, if you forget to change, you can trade at Moc Bai border gate with the exchange rate is about 1 USD = 23,370 VND. As you go inland, the exchange rate will be higher.

Transportation within the country

Tuk-tuk is an interesting choice for you both in Phnom Penh and Siem Reap, as this is a safe move form. You do not have to drive a car but have a free “tour guide”. Before picking tuk-tuk, you should check the length of the road to estimate the amount of money spent. With crowded groups, going tuk-tuk will be much cheaper.

With tuk-tuk tour packages visiting the temples of Angkor during the day, accompanied by picking you from the bus station to the hotel and vice versa, the price is around $ 20-24 is reasonable. Also, you can ask the driver to buy a bus ticket.

Leave the intention of walking in the Angkor population, because the area is very wide. In addition, rent a motorbike for $ 6-8 a car a day, or bike is also a choice with you have a lot of time.


Cambodia temples filled with monks @ The Education Abroad Network

The four days are reasonable with the northern areas of Phnom Penh and Siem Reap.

First day: 7h, you get from Ho Chi Minh City, about 14h to Phnom Penh. Then, you rent a tuk-tuk to visit the west side, riverside road, royal palace (entrance fee 10 USD), central market, Wat Phnom temple … Enjoy dinner as indigenous people at the coastal of the river.

You should not move to Siem Reap right away, as it will be quite hard on the first day, so please book the night bed at 23-24h.

Day 2: After the night bus, you will be in Siem Reap at 5:30. Come quickly to the hotel and send your belongings, prepare the lightweight, rent tuk-tuks to Angkor Wat to watch the beautiful dawn here.

If you ride a motorbike, be sure to look out for the road as the ticketing point is completely separate from the temple area. Tickets to visit Angkor Temple starting from 1/2 is $ 37 per person per day.

Due to the architectural characteristics and the hot climate, you should negotiate with the tuk-tuk driver about the number of places to visit (4 main points are Angkor Wat, Angkor Thom, Bayon Temple in Angkor Thom, Ta Temple Prohm) for $ 20-24 for four people a tuk-tuk.

In addition, you can watch the sunset with Phnom Bakheng mountain in the relics, but you remember to go early, before 16h because the area is limited to 300 people watching. At night Siem Reap has no choice but to eat western street Pub Street with all kinds of food, drinks, and other services.

Day 3: Let’s relax for the day before and walk around for breakfast. Then, make arrangements with the tuk-tuk driver to visit the Tonle Sap Lake, 25 km from the center. Reasonable price for this trip at $ 15 for 4 people. Visit the lake with 2 types of boat: motor boat and boat is $ 20 per person to explore the life of the local people.

Day 4: In the morning, you boarded the car has booked and leave Siem Reap to return to HCM City after 12 hours on the car.

Another note

In Cambodia, you need to buy SIM Metfone to make phone calls and to network. However, you should only buy at the sale of SIM card operators, charge cards, check carefully. Do not buy the peddlers because it will stick to SIM expired, not activated. The price of one SIM is $ 2.5, and the $ 2.5 card charges you with enough money to send and receive Wi-Fi for the whole group for 4 days.

The food at Angkor Wat’s World Heritage is quite expensive, so be prepared for the psychological cost of $ 5-7 per serving. To save, you can prepare pastries. Drinks are available everywhere with the main price from $ 0.75 to $ 1 a can of soft drinks. Luxury restaurants are expensive. You can eat at a local trolley for $ 1 a meal, then sample Draft Angkor Beer for $ 0.5-0.75 a glass.

Hope you enjoy your time in Cambodia!

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