Visit the “Chinatown” of Bangkok, Thailand and try the Som Tam dish here


A very good destination in Bangkok that you should not pass whenever you are in Thailand. And do try the Som Tam dish in this area to experience one of the best dishes of Thai people.

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“Chinatown” of Bangkok

A unique scenery in Bangkok @ Go Beyond Asia

Yaowarat road, which is dubbed Chinatown of Bangkok, Thailand, is a destination introduced in every Bangkok travel guide. Yaowarat road which does not have a direct tram to many places in Bangkok. So you can only come here by bus, taxi or tuk-tuk. But despite the lack of transportation facilities, this place is always crowded, especially in the evening.

The reason is that there are many, but perhaps the most important reason is that even in the evening, this place is “transformed”, become a food street what is also in Bangkok. In fact, every evening you come here, you will be dazzled by a variety of attractive restaurants stretching from the street to the end of the street. What are pomegranate juice, tangerine juice, mango sticky rice, noodles, fruit cars, seafood … all extremely color and attractive.

Pomegranate juice is something you should not miss in Chinatown, which is really hard to ignore, because, along Yaowarat Street, every few dozen steps have a row of pomegranate juice. Bottles of pink, pink, cool water neatly folded the big Thai pomegranate fruit, red fruit is delicious and how much thirst in the hot weather of Bangkok.

Arriving in Chinatown, durian followers have determined to be prepared by the durian counters everywhere. The large durian, fat, thick rice and aromatic flavor will certainly make you cannot be ignored. Thai durian is usually served with a tray attached to the tray for convenience.

In addition, the bread in front of Government Savings Bank should not be overlooked. The shop specializes in selling soft bread with 9 kinds of milk such as dairy, custard, chocolate … Listen to nothing, but every night this solid dragon queue buy.

For convenience, the store has a coupon, the name of the type of visitor to mark the type of person want to eat and the number of want to buy. In general you want to buy the cake here will have to wait in line, but certainly, you will not regret when biting the hot cake with delicious classics first.

Besides dozens of sweet dishes, snacks, Yaowarat also has a lot of salty dishes to eat. The most popular and most attractive are the two blue and red maritime halls located opposite each other in the middle of the street. These two customers are always busy and always so fragrant that it is easy to recognize. Selling all kinds of shrimp, crabs, squid, tom yum … with quite a cheap price, just the same in Vietnam so if you have to here, definitely should try once.

Som Tam

Som Tam of Thailand @ Bao Hiem

Som tam (or som tum), true Thai papaya salad, but if you really love Thai, you certainly can not ignore this dish. Dishes appear on most streets in Thailand and can be considered “national soul” next to tom yum. In 2011, CNNGo selected som tam in the 46th place in the list of 50 best food in the world.

The ingredients of the dish are simply papaya, mixed with Thai spices such as the sourness of the lemon, spicy chili, salty fish sauce, garlic’s exuberance and a bit of sugar. Eat with som tam that will be dried shrimp, peanuts, tomatoes and cowpea, live cabbage or salt crabs … You can catch the sellers on any street, accompanied by a cart A full set of ingredients and fast food processing.

Papaya will not be as normal, though simple. Thai people often use chopsticks along the fruit enough, as the Vietnamese way to make minced bean soup, to form a small sugar, and then sliced to form fibers. In that way, each papaya fiber is not crushed yet crispy. After that, they use the pestle and mortar to mix the ingredients and mix them together to form a delicious dish. This is the technique to make a delicious taste. The name som tam is also so, “som” is “soma” meaning sour, “tam” is read “silkworm” means retired, the common sense, the dish means Thai sour salad.

Thai and tourists can eat som tam in the main meal as a vegetable. They can also eat their own style of play when wandering the streets. In neighboring countries such as Laos and Cambodia, this dish is quite popular, with ingredients and flavors not much different, known as tam mak hung in Laos and bok l’hong in Cambodia.

Hope you enjoy your stay in Thailand!

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