Top 10 destinations in Myanmar this spring


Some of the best destinations in Myanmar, Asia in terms of richness in cultural values and fun. We aim to help you choose your right destination when visiting this lovely country of South East Asia.

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1. Shwedagon Temple (Yangon)

This is the golden symbol of Myanmar, the temple is 2500 years old, it was born before the Buddha died. The tall tower of the Shwedagon is 98 meters high with many of the smaller towers surrounding the sacred treasures of Buddhism. Despite the war and natural disasters, Shwedagon is still the world’s largest temple.

2.Golden Rock (Mon State)

Golden Rock @ Du Lich Myanmar

Situated over 200km from Yangon, the golden stone is 1,100m high, along with the tiny Kyaiktyo Pagoda that makes up a unique monument complex. Golden Rock is famous for its crookedness (the contact with the mountain is only 78cm2) and the surface is gold.

If you want to get to Kyaiktyo Temple at the top, you must definitely pass this strange golden stone. Only men can approach the Golden Rock, but women can only watch the stone from afar.

3. Shwezigon Golden Pagoda (Bagan)

Located in Bagan, the capital of the ancient Pagan kingdom, which still houses thousands of large and small temples, Shwezigon is the second largest gold temple in Myanmar, built in the 12th century and also has pagoda architecture. The splendor is like Shwedagon’s.

4. Shwesandaw Shrine (Bagan)

In Bagan, go to Shwesandaw every sunset to watch the sunset. From here, you can admire the legendary Bagan land with thousands of temples, large towers, sinking into the dark afternoon, a scene is extremely impressive and fanciful.

5. Ananda Temple (Bagan)

Ananda Temple @ Bagan Travel

Also located in Bagan, Ananda was built around the same time as the 11th-12th centuries. This illustrates the golden age of the Bagan kingdom under the reign of the great Tilinman king. Ananda has a monumental scale and unique architecture, unlike the two famous Golden Pagoda above and unlike any other temples in the Bagan area.

6. Mahamuni Temple (Mandalay)

Mandalay is the capital of Burma, home to many temples, pagodas and a record number of religious practitioners. Mahamuni Temple is a golden statue of Mandalay, built in the 18th century. There is a 4m high Buddha, weighs 6.5 tons and is inlaid with a layer of gold up to 15cm thick – as the Buddhists arrive every year. This ceremony and continue to add gold on the statue.

7. Inhwa Village (Mandalay)

Inwa is a small village nestled on the banks of the Ayeyarwady River. This ancient village is a popular tourist destination with many valuable legacies, such as Bagaya Kyaung Monastery, which is protected by 267 giant teak pillars or 27m high tilted Nanmyin Tower. In addition, old traditions from hundreds of years of the village are also unique special attractions.

8. Mingun Village (Mandalay)

Mingun Village @ Lumious Journeys

Mingun also has many monuments and scenic spots but the most prominent is Mingun bell and Chinthe statue is considered by the people as treasures. Chinthe (a half-lion mascot half-dragon) is a giant statue standing guard near the river. The Mingun stupas bring to the audience the feeling of overwhelming, orange-colored brick bricks stand out against the hilly blue sky.

9. Ubein Bridge

Ubein bridge in the ancient village of Amarapura is the longest teak bridge in the world (1.2km). The 200-year-old wooden bridge over the river is home to the villagers of Amarapura village, the pilgrimage path of monks wearing long robes. The sunset on the U Bein bridge is brilliant and impressive. so that any visitors who have ever seen will remember forever.

10. Inle Lake (Shan)

Inle Lake is about 11km wide, stretching 22km from north to south and at an altitude of 875 meters above sea level. When you travel on the lake you will experience many levels of emotions as you go through floating houses, reverse boats, fishermen with the traditional Longiyu wrap dress.

Hope you enjoy your stay in Myanmar!

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