Playing around like Tarzan in Vang Vieng, Laos.

Playing around like Tarzan in Vang Vieng,  Laos.
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Pristine destination in Laos that should not be skipped while in here.

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Playing around like Tarzan in Vang Vieng, Laos

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At Vientiane bus station

After traveling to Vientiane, I had to continue to buy tickets to Vang Vieng. Some minibus drivers offered me a ticket to Vang Vieng for 150 Kip.

I was silent and went straight into the station looking for ticket offices to ask for tickets. They told me "The ticket office in the bus station does not sell tickets to Vang Vieng. To get to Vang Vieng you can buy directly from an outside driver for 50 Kip. "

After getting the right price, I confidently went out to buy tickets to Vang Vieng. Drivers are still bidding 150 Kip. I said "50 Kip", and they nodded in a note.

Peaceful beauty of Vang Vieng

We went to Vang Vieng at 2 pm. When I got off the main road, I was not impressed with Vang Vieng.

At that time, what appeared before my eyes was a bunch of messy houses, a dirt road, a hot sun and an annoying hot temperature.

However, after picking up the furniture and finishing off renting a bicycle to explore Vang Vieng, I started to gradually realize the beauty and excitement here.

Vang Vieng has an ideal terrain that is "Back against the mountain, face overlooking the river ". White clouds scattered down the mountain ranges, fluttering down the Nam Song stream. The far side is the deep green fields.

This small town has a hidden wilderness and is a very peaceful town.

Vang Vieng is flooded with tourists to Laos, especially backpackers because it is cheaper than Luang Prabang and has many adventures for backpackers to explore.

There are no luxurious 5-star restaurants, nor expensive resorts. Vang Vieng has many small eateries with Western style.

Cheap motels, budget hotels, casual bars ... are everywhere. Only with the river and the mountains that the Lao people know to make Vang Vieng a reputable name on the website, travel magazines. The reputation is so huge so that every visitors to Laos have to visit this place. Among them, I was also fascinated Vang Vieng.

Experience "the specialty" of Vang Vieng

Vieng Vang from above @ travelFREAK

Vang Vieng attracts tourists with games on the river seemingly normal but is a very famous specialty that is full of fun.

There are many tours a day to experience the exciting game in Vang Vieng for your choice as flying with balloons, kayak, zip line, tubing, blue lagoon ...

You can go around the Western Quarter to see the overwhelming offices selling day tours and car tickets. I personally choose a "full day" tour with 220,000 kips (about 26$, bargain price) to experience activities such as zip line, kayak, lunch, tubing, cave exploration, blue lagoon - a famous green lake in Vang Vieng.

However, because there are so many visitors who come to swim, the blue lagoon is now spoken with a rather new name or "brown lagoon". Everyone says that in the future, this beautiful blue lake can become a beautiful brown lake.

The next morning, the tuk-tuk pickup arrived to pick us up to the point of gathering to begin our kayak trip on Nam Song River. Kayaking is really fun, but your hands are likely to be tired.

Those who are tall, strong hands, paddling with force will be sitting behind to make the boat run fast or slow. And those who are small, weak hand, the boat head to lead the boat.

The scenery on the river changes with each segment. At some segments, you can turn your head up and see the top of the mountain against the cloud. At some segments, there are bamboo shoots close to the water just as in “Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon”.

The river is also special. The water is brown, sometimes the waves are violent, sometimes there are whirlwinds, sometimes it is quiet. But only when you fall down the river, did you know that the river only high up to the knee, it is not actually dangerous at all.

Playing this game, you will not land in an hour but will fly from tree to tree, feeling very much like Tarzan.

Slide to the seventh line, you will be flying at the same speed as seen in the kung-fu movies. The feeling of rushing through the air across the forest is really interesting.

When the sunset falls, Vang Vieng small, peaceful becomes busy and crowded, especially in the West neighborhood.

Guests can find all kinds of goods, souvenirs, or whatever here at reasonable prices and explore the culture of indigenous people through the cuisine.

Every day there are countless visitors come and there are countless visitors go... but Vang Vieng is not crowded. It is still quiet, peaceful as the everyday life of the mountainous countryside.

Hope you enjoy your stay in Laos!

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