Planning ahead your trip in Bali, Indonesia (Part 2)


An easy guide to traveling in Bali, Indonesia.

>> Indonesia, paradise of street foods and islands

The detailed schedule

Day 1: Saigon – Kuala Lumpur – Bali (Indonesia)

Exquisite experiences in Bali @ The Telegraph

From Ho Chi Minh City, you should fly the earliest flight to Malaysia, it would be rather tired but it will be safe because continuous flights will take a long time, enter the country 4 times in 3 countries. If your trip is delayed, you have time to solve the problems, and if the time is close to each other, the possibility of late flight from Malaysia to Bali is quite high. You should aim for these two flights should be 6 hours apart will be safe.

By Air Asia, you will land at KLIA2 airport, if you do not the time to check in next trip down to the 2nd floor of the food and shopping. The food here is easy to eat and not too expensive (the easiest is probably MC Donald’s and KFC).

Remember to bring the 3-pin charger, because if the battery out of the phone. Malaysia only uses the 3-legged charger, you can buy it at the airport but it is very expensive, nearly 17 $, while in the city it is only about 3$.

From Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia) flying Bali (Indonesia) often go at night from 20h to 22h. Airbus is beautiful, 9 rows, comfortable feet, meals about 5 $ / piece. You should reserve your meal, but if you buy directly in cash, you have to change the money Indo at KLIA2 airport, but I do not encourage you to change money here because of the change from USD to RM, (Malaysia) changed to Indonesia Rp, terrible exchange rate losses).

Arrive at Bali airport approximately 1 hour later. Take a taxi to Kuta, sleep if you are tired.

Day 2: Kuta – Visit temples near Kuta, Kuta beach, shopping center

Taman Ayun Temple is located in Mengwi Village, about 18 km from the center of the island, known as “The Temple of the Green Park”. This is one of the most beautiful temples with elaborate carved wooden doors, majestic trees covered with green trees and surrounded by a solid moat. The darkness of the palm leaves on the towers exalts sacred and mysterious.

– Tanah Lot Temple is about 20 km from the center of Denpasar. This is one of the seven famous temples on the coast of Bali, attracting millions of domestic and foreign visitors to visit each year. Standing anywhere in the series of seven temples, you can see the Tanah Lot Temple.

– Kuta Sea: not too green but bustling, surfing exciting, the area is quite crowded.

Day 3: Kuta – Ubud

Ubud, Bali @ Vogue

The distance of Kuta – Ubud is not too far, just rent a motorbike and you do not need a tour. Note that the traffic in Indonesia on the left hand, so be sure to avoid the penalty from the polices. (Remember to bring a driver’s license if you are called by the polices). I do not see a lot of police officers here.

In Ubud, there are places like monkey jungle, sunglasses, telephone, Ubud Palace, and especially Pura Tirta Empul. This temple dates back to 926. The people of Bali believe that the water in this temple is blessed by the gods and has the healing effect. Alternatively, you can visit Temples (also known as Mother Besakih Temple, but hire a local guide instead of self-visiting).

You should stay in Ubud for 1 night. Ubud is very beautiful, just ancient and modern. I remember when clinging to the swimming pool resort, overlooking the terraced rice terrain, the air is very airy.


At the center, you can go to the Kuta Square, there is no shortage of big brands: Mc Donald’s, Burger King, KFC, Gongcha … Global prices should not be the difference within Vietnam. You can eat Indo rice in front of the hotel about 25,000 Rp / person, fried rice or sautéed fried, optional but slightly more greasy. Or you can try bakso is meatballs made of surimi beef and cassava. The appearance is similar to the Vietnamese beef dish, but one of them is “giant”, equal to 4-5 tablets in Vietnam. This dish is usually served with bread, rice noodles, vegetables, tofu, and eggs. The price is very cheap, but I have not seen it. In addition, Indian rice is quite good, you choose fried food, because other dishes are slightly difficult to eat, the price is also slightly cheap.


Travel expenses

Airfare: 160 $ (4 flights), purchase on Air Asia promotion. You need to stay tuned because this company sells cheap tickets at nights.

Hotel: 4 nights about 90 $ / person (if you are in the hotel 3 stars or less, 1 night is only 350,000 VND / room / 2 people).

Meals: 100 $ / person.

Sightseeing: Ticket prices from 2 $ to 4 $. You can decide to rent a motorcycle, car, tour.

This is on a budget because each person has his own way, budget or luxury depends on each person. I do not encourage you to travel Bali on a budget because so you will not feel the indigenous cuisine culture.

– Prepare 3-pin charger.

– Be wary of strangers because Bali people are friendly but there are also some bad people. Bali is no exception.

– Bargain, bargain, bargain. Remember.

Hope you enjoy your stay in Bali!

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