Planning ahead your trip in Bali, Indonesia (Part 1)


Traveling to Bali, Indonesia this summer seems like a good idea.

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Travel to Bali in summer self-sufficient and cheap

Bali does not have as many highlights of the blue sea as the island of Maldives but has a very impressive Hindu culture, diversified dishes and a place that has many large brands.

Bali is quite wide. The visitors can stay for 10 days and still cannot discover all the island. So, with the time-constrained 5-6 days of Bali travel, where do we need to explore? Read on and then schedule according to each person’s preferences.


Kuta @ A Cruising Couple

Kuta: In the south, near the Denpasar airport, the busiest of the island, there are many visitors, many commercial centers, bars (from the center takes about 10-15 minutes cars). From the airport to the center of the taxi about  100,000 Rp (the agreed price does not count according to the meter).

You go out of the airport door, up to the third floor, and pick up the taxi because the car just brought passengers to the airport, the return is empty, so the price will be better. The taxi on the first floor is easy to ray the price, sometimes nearly 25$ for the road less than 5 km.

Motorbiker also usually raise the price and do not dream of Grab or Uber here because Bali forbids these two services in many places, wanting to find one is as hard as finding the needle at the bottom of the tank.

Ubud: In the north, about 2 hours drive from the airport, is the cultural center of Bali, peaceful atmosphere, slow pace, suitable for older people or those who like the quiet or yoga practicing …

Nusa Dua: Very close to Kuta, about 30 minutes, where the convergence of many luxury resorts, but personally feel rather sad because of cocoons visitors.

I stayed in Kuta for the first day to Bali, one day in Ubud and the other two days in Kuta for the convenience of transportation to the airport.

Note: Bali uses RP. When you take a taxi, try to pay attention to the price.

You should change money at Bali airport, the rates seem a little lower than Kuta but it is safer. In many places, when you change the money, it seems to be enough at first, but then later it is not (a scam).

Book cheap airfare

This may be a factor in determining the cost of the trip because I think that if flying to the distant countries, the flight time of over 6 hours may be a good choice. The trip covers most of the meals included 20 kg of checked baggage. But if the country is near, choose the fast and cheap one.

And when flying Bali, there are no competing airlines in Asia. In order to get a cheap ticket, you are strongly advised to register for Napas payment at the bank.

From Ho Chi Minh City, you should buy two separate flights:

HCMC – Kuala Lumpur (two way)

Kuala Lumpur – Bali (two way)

Hotels, resorts

Resorts in Bali @ Benbie

The hotel booking has spent more than 3 months, it is not hard to book but it is difficult because hotels and resorts services here are too good, and I do not know which one to choose.

4 nights in Bali, 1 night in Bali, 1 night in Ubud, 2 nights in Kuta, 4-5 star hotels but the highest price is only 60$, the lowest in over 30$ (too cheap compared to the general level in Southeast Asian tourist countries).

Schedule the trip

If this is the first time you travel abroad and do not know much about Bali, you can buy a tour from the hotel. But after the trip, I find it unnecessary because the rent of motorbikes or cars in Bali is quite cheap, and the places to visit are also easy to find, so the tours are waste of time (rent of motorcycles is only about 3$, 25$/ day for 4 drivers, not include the tip).

To be continued…

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