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Coming to Khao Yai, Thailand seems to be a good decision during this time of the year.

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Khao Yai tourism, peaceful place in Thailand

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Khao Yai means “big mountain”, and is about 3 hours drive from Bangkok. In this airy town, there are not many cars, people live gentle and simple and have many tourist attractions.

Khao Yai National Park

Situated in the western part of the Sankamphaeng Mountains, the vast majority of Nakhon Ratchasima Province (Khorat) is the third largest park in Thailand, covering an area of about 300 km², including mountainous and grassland areas. The average height in the park ranges from 400 to 1,000 meters above sea level, with Khao Rom (1,351 m) highest.

It is home to 3,000 plant species, 320 species of birds such as the Red Jungle Fowl and Coral-billed Ground-cuckoo, 66 mammal species including black bears, elephants, gaurs, gibbons, deer, swine, …

When you come to Khao Yai National Park, you will be transported by taxi cars with the upper part of the taxi, the back of which is connected with a large cavity like a motorcycle to a mountain peak, panoramic view. Alternatively, you can also take part in a “wildlife safari” trip. If you go in the evening, you will sit in the car and be instructed to shine light into the bushes, grasslands where the beast is hidden. Temperatures are often low so visitors pay attention to bring a thin jacket.

The secret garden in Mount Klangdong

Located in Klangdong, Oark Chong, Nakhon Ratchasima, Thailand, Secret Art Garden is a private resort that attracts visitors when traveling to Khao Yai. Here, visitors can immerse themselves in the flow of small streams, small wooden houses and many unique architectural works of art by the owner of the garden build creatively.

Stopping at a small cafeteria in Secret Art Garden, you also have the chance to enjoy the excellent cold-cut vinaigrette – one of Khao Yai’s signature beverages.

Wine Valley

PB Valley Khao Yai Winery is the place to produce bottles of fine grape wine. Here, visitors will be attracted by the vineyards stretching endless, green wet. If you come right to harvest, you will admire the millions of grapefruit grapes hung on the branches – ingredients to make the bottle of wine.

Khao Yai tourism, join the tour Khao Yai Valley Khao Yai Winery, visitors have the opportunity to enjoy the glass of wine sour nose and buy souvenirs made from grapes.

Primo Piazza – small corner of the Italians

Primo Piazza also knew as Little Italy is a complex of architecture restaurants, castles, streets … built in the style of architecture of the country of the boot. This place is always crowded to the beast whether it is on weekdays or early week.

Visitors also have the opportunity to stand for the sheep, horses eat grass and admire the lovely balconies are covered by the green vines wet.

Mushroom farm

Panorama Farm or Mushroom Farm is a farm that grows a variety of mushrooms, from mushrooms to cat mushrooms. Some are grown indoors, and some are grown outdoors. Visitors can also participate in the process of packing sawdust to plant, or picking up fresh plates.

In addition, Panorama Farm has built several mushroom-shaped houses, two stories tall and surrounded by a small pool. The path is paved with small stones, suitable for visitors to bare feet to be able to massage foot.

Dairy farm

Fram Chokchai is a vast land for dairy cattle and has a small workshop for making ice cream. Here, besides participating in the work of milking cow, visitors will have the opportunity to make their own strawberry cream, delicious chocolate, cool to enjoy or pack bring.

Chokchai also grows clean rice and vegetables without spraying. Guests will also have the opportunity to buy home the fresh bundle of fresh vegetables, the bag of Thai rice “genuine” without stimulants.


Khao Yai street food @ Expedia

In Khao Yai, there are many good restaurants along the roads of local people with affordable prices. In addition, guests can dine at some European-style restaurants such as:

Dairy Home Restaurant: The restaurant is decorated in fairy-tale style, lined with wood and serves Italian-style dishes. After enjoying the delicious dessert of ice cream, you can bring the glasses to the store and exchange for the beautiful porcelain cups brought home as souvenirs without paying extra. Simply put, cups are included in the cost of meals.

Teamo Restaurant: Italian-style restaurant with dishes such as pizza, spaghetti, BBQ BBQ. In the evening, guests will have dinner and heard the piano and English songs from the 80s – 90s of the indigenous singers.

Farm Chokchai: Guests can also sign up for the farm with a deliciously prepared lunch served by many visitors.

Baan Mai Chai Nam Restaurant: Located in a combination of shops and souvenirs, beside a small river, specializing in serving Thai dishes. Come here, you will enjoy the whole taste of the country’s gold pagoda.

Chocolate Factory: In addition to enjoying the food, visitors can also participate in the making of fresh chocolate.

Hope you enjoy your time in Thailand!

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