Kampot, the peaceful town in Cambodia (1)

Kampot, the peaceful town in Cambodia (1)
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One of the best destinations in Cambodia that not a lot of people know.

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Travel to the peaceful town of Kampot

Kampot town in southern Cambodia is not attractive at first sight. This is a quiet little town with big streets and dilapidated buildings. However, this is where a group of foreign tourists stop for the longest time in Cambodia, originally intended to be a few days into a week and finally 12 days. And only when the visa was expired, they were forced to leave this wonderful town. The charm that attracts these visitors and perhaps many others in Kampot is not the famous structures like Angkor in Siem Riep or the beautiful beaches of Sihanoukville ... but the slow living pace and the relaxation in here.

Slow living pace

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The quiet is the charm of Kampot. The traffic is quite sparse, so you can easily stroll the wide streets by bike, motorbike or on foot. The pace of life here is very quiet, not busy. You can lie lazily on the hammock or enjoy a good swim in the river of the city, although the weather may not be suitable all the time.

Architecture and landscape

The architecture here is ruined and not beautiful but has a distinct appeal. The shops, mixed with French colonial and China style, are covered with pale yellow paintwork and blue/faded green wooden windows. Kampot is not a pristine town, but on some streets, the blooms of the confetti give the viewer a pleasant feeling.

The river at the foot of Mount Voi is Kampot's main attraction. Rivercoast road attracts tourists and locals to roam and enjoy cocktails at sunset.

Many stays in one of the peaceful riverside guesthouses a few kilometers from the town. You can also choose to stay in town or go to the beautiful and peaceful GreenHouse for lunch, kayaking, windsurfing, and swimming.

Yoga classes

One of Kampot's most memorable activities during the Kampot trip is cycling along the river for yoga classes at Banteay Srey, a women's spa. This is a training center, providing shelter as well as helping young women in difficult circumstances. The upper floor of the wooden house with open space overlooks the garden and the river is the perfect place for yoga.

The price for a yoga session is quite reasonable, only $ 5 (or $ 30 for 10 sessions). Classes usually take place at 11 am and 5 pm daily. In particular, morning classes are more lively. The spa offers a special relaxing feeling and the gym space is a great place to enjoy a massage or therapeutic session, then you can have lunch at the vegetarian cafe, and sit back and watch the river.

Sites to visit

Salt fields @ Never Ending Voyage

In Kampot, there are not many activities, but there are many things you can explore in the surrounding countryside. You can take a tour or rent a tuk-tuk to get there, but you also can travel by motorbike. With just a few minutes, you can reach the countryside. Asphalt-paved roads slowly turn into dirt roads and concrete houses turn into for bamboo huts and wooden house on stilts. Here there are paddy fields and palm trees, water buffalo and white cows.

Kampot is a salt and pepper producing area. Salt fields are just outside the town. Salt water from the sea 5 km away is put into salt fields and dried until the salt crystals are formed. Every morning when you run around, you'll see the farmers raking in salt and bask it in heavy baskets. Salt fields will become a beautiful sight at dawn.

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