Indonesia, paradise of street foods and islands


Indonesia, home of many islands and street foods in Asia.

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Indonesia, paradise of street foods

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Bakso: Bakso or meatball is one of the dishes that can be found everywhere in Indonesia, from street vendors to big restaurants. Meatballs are usually made from ground beef and tapioca, but can also be made from chicken, fish or shrimp, and even buffalo meat. Hot meatballs are offered to diners with beef or chicken broth served with pasta, bean sprouts, tofu, and scallions. This dish will be better if you add some fresh chili or chili sauce. Malang and Solo are two of the best bakso cities in Indonesia. The popular price for a bowl of bakso from 10,000 rupiah

Soto: Soto is made from vegetable broth and chicken, usually served with rice and pasta. Many places use beef instead of chicken, or even pork or lamb. Each locality has different ways of presenting and using different ingredients when cooking this dish. Soto tastes better when it is still hot. For those who like to explore local cuisine, do not miss this dish. The price for a soto from 8000 rupiah

Nasi goreng (fried rice): Nasi goreng or fried rice is a famous dish that tourists should not miss when visiting Indonesia. As the name suggests, the dish is made with rice being fried with spices and various ingredients depending on the restaurant. Rather than just pure fried rice, you will have the opportunity to taste many other flavors such as nasi goreng ayam, nasi goreng ikan asin, nasi goreng kambing, nasi goreng pete, nasi goreng jawa … A plate of fried rice is about 10,000 rupiah

Mie ayam (Chicken Noodle): Noodle is a dish originated from China and popular in most Southeast Asian countries. In Indonesia, mie ayam or chicken noodles is considered to be the famous Indonesian dish. With simple ingredients from noodles, chicken, vegetables, green onions and spices, the dish can be made as a main dish as well as side dishes. Yellow noodles are cooked with soy sauce, garlic, and cooking oil. The oil can be fat or vegetable oil that works to separate the noodles. Chicken pieces are cut into small pieces and cooked with soy sauce, garlic, and other ingredients. This dish is very eye-catching with chicken, mushroom mixture, top scallion, and are usually accompanied by a small bowl of chicken soup. At first glance, it looks simple but the rich flavor is marinated in chicken along with the small bowl of sweet soup will amaze you for sure. The price for a bowl of chicken noodles is from 6,000 rupiahs.

Nasi balap (Balap rice): Nasi balap is native to Lombok Island, one of the famous tourist destinations in Indonesia. But you can also find it in other parts of Indonesia such as Java, Bali, or Palu (Sulawesi island). White rice is served with torned chicken, fried soybeans, and special indispensable cups of sauces that are characterized by their own formulas. This dish costs about 15,000 rupiahs per serving.


Indonesia, paradise of islands

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Sumatra Island: Sumatra is a destination for nature lovers. Kerinci Seblat National Park is the only place in the world where you can see rare and endangered species such as Sumatran tiger, Bali tiger, Javan tiger, two-horned rhinoceros, Rafflesia arnoldii – the largest flower in the world that smells like corpses.

Kalimantan, Borneo: Kalimantan, Indonesian territory on the island of Borneo, is home to Tanjung Puting National Park. This is the only place visitors can see the extinct Borneo orangutans. This national park has traditional klotok boats to take the visitors to explore the forest and admire many other animals such as gibbons, leopard, Indian crocodile …

 Togian Islands: Located on Tomini Bay, Central Sulawesi Province, 56 islands in the Torgian Islands are famous for its forests and beautiful beaches. However, the journey to the archipelago is rather daunting, and the visitors will spend three days traveling by bus and ferry from Tana Toraja, but the result will be worth the trip. At this place, people often like to go scuba diving or go to Jellyfish Lake to swim with thousands of jellyfishes without worrying about being burned, or visiting the volcanic island Una-Una.

Raja Ampat Island: Off the coast of Papua, the Raja Ampat Archipelago is widely regarded as one of the world’s most ideal diving sites. Being the home to native coral reefs and thousands of fishes, the visitors will easily find sea snail, manta rays, Epaulette sharks, and many other species. There are many resorts and submarines for guests to choose from.

Java Island: The 1,200-year-old Borobudur Temple, discovered in the 19th century, is the largest Buddhist site in the world, along with a population of Prambanan Hindu temples, located in central Java. This is also one of the places worth visiting for tourists when visiting Indonesia.

Komodo National Park, Nusa Tenggara: Komodo National Park is home to the world’s largest lizard (Komodo dragon). Being 3m in length and weighing up to 80 kg, the venom from the bite of this reptile can cripple a water buffalo. Also, the visitors can easily see the Komodo dragon living on the Flores archipelago.

Tanah Toraja Village, Sulawesi: The Toraja village, south of Sulawesi, offers a peaceful setting with rice paddies and the water buffalos. Not only that, Toraja people are also paid much attention by ritual burial of the dead. This sacred ritual was carefully organized, hundreds of buffalos and pigs were sacrificed for several days. The visitors will have the opportunity to participate in these traditional spiritual ceremonies.

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