Coral – amazing coral island in Thailand

Coral Island - Thailand @ Tapoma

One of the best destinations in Thailand in terms of water sport.

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The beach at Coral island @ Youtube

The beach stretches over 4.5 km stretching from north to south and more than 90% of the area is the pristine forest with abundant fauna and flora, pristine coral island. Coral is a tourist spot that is romantic and interesting, very suitable for a trip to explore the sea island.

Coral Island is famous for its diversity of corals and marine life. When we came here, we enjoyed the great things about this place.

Nowhere is fish and coral so close to shore. The sea water only goes up to the knees. Putting your hands down and you can touch hundreds of fishes, striped gauze,  brilliant sea urchins and corals …

Journey to Coral Island

The first day in Phuket, I tried to scout the map to find the way to Chalong Pier. The first day I intend to rent a motorbike, runs to the harbor and rents a private boat to Coral Island.

There are many ports in Phuket, but that port is closest to Coral Island. And 20km from Patong, where I live.

After that, I realized renting a private boat is a slightly wrong decision.  Because it takes too much time to get on the road, move around, rent motorbikes, spend money on gas, and the cost to rent a private boat is very high, and it is also very lacking.

When taking a tour, you will have a shuttle bus, you do not need to find the road, you are equipped with snorkeling diving and also offered free lunch. But renting your own boat you will have to rent snorkeling equipment, rent cabinets, rent chairs … you have to spend a lot of money.

 At first, everything was not going well and as expected, we were slightly down. But when they dive into the sea, they see firsthand the striped fish swimming along the coast, all dissipation dissipated, we only feel joyful and excited.

We just jump right in to swim in the sea and play with the striped fish. Because we rented a private boat, we are not afraid of the tour guide made us go back when we are not done swimming yet.

So people say, the real backpackers do not always have expectations. I always remind that to myself because the expectations sometimes only ruin the journey.

But the psychology struggle is really difficult. Before a trip, how many do not really have expectations?

Hiring a private boat and  purchasing a tour

Water sports activities @ Youtube

We have tried the experience of renting private boats and buying half day and full day tours. Both have advantages, you can refer to our information to have a reasonable choice for yourself.

There are two types of a boat traveling between Phuket and the islands including longtail boat and speedboat.

Most visitors who want to experience a few spots or some islands near the pier to ask for a longtail boat, which costs between 2,000 and 4,000 bath depending on distance. The capacity of the long tail boat is about 10 people.

High-speed boat speedboat (up to about 15000 baths) can transport about 30 people. This boat can travel most of the islands in the area and all tours use this type of boat for passenger transport.

Things you need to know about Coral Island

Coral Island, also known as Koh Hay / Koh Hae / Koh He:

– The island is about 10km south of the mainland.

– The time to travel is about 30 minutes by longtail boat or 15 minutes by speedboat from Chalong harbor.

– The island has its own resort to stay with room rates from 40$ – 200$

– The island has three main beaches:

Long Beach (Long Beach): Main focus on marine activities such as paragliding, banana boat, canoe, walking in the ocean …

Banana Beach: Mostly tourists, some scuba diving courses and especially snorkeling where you can freely explore the coral reef.

Freedom beach: Located on the other side of the island, very deserted.

– The nearby islands of Koh Lon and Koh Tao can include in the day trips


– Cost for one seat: 100 baths.

– Cost of renting a small locker: 100 baths, large locker: 200 baths.

– Food on the island averages about 250 bath/dish, lunch buffet 500 bath/person.

– Bathroom and dressing are free.

– Private longtail boat to the island from Chalong: 2000 bath / 2 ways.

– High-speed boat tour to the island about 1000 bath/person.


– At Ban Chuoi beach, there are many flocks of fish swimming near the shore. Besides, there are large coral reefs in the east near the rocks.

– In the afternoon, the water is draining rapidly in the coral area, and there are many black sea urchins here with dense coral reefs. It is easy to step on spikes.

– In case of stepping on sea urchins, lemon juice can be used to massage the wound for 10-15 minutes, the acid in the lemon will dissolve thorns under the skin. In addition, ammonia in the urine also has the same effect.

– In the afternoon about 4h30 the sea services and restaurants will shut down, visitors need to board a boat leave the island or come to the resort to stay.

Hope you enjoy your stay in Thailand.

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