Best destinations for this Xmas in Vietnam


Some of the best destinations in Vietnam, Asia for this Xmas.

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Ha Noi capital

 Christmas atmosphere in infamous areas such as Big church, Cua Bac church, and surrounding Hoan Kiem Lakeare also packed with people to go to the festival. Many public places in Hanoi are decorated with lights that create the night scene sparkling fanciful, making everyone excited and want to take photos to capture the scene every year only once.

On the streets of Hanoi, the lights are being lit brightly. Picture of the cave of the baby with the mother of Mary and St. Giuseppe, Santa Claus riding reindeer, snow princess beamed in flashing light flashes … is heartwarming to the people. The young people come to church at night or participate in entertainment program in the space of bright lights, flowers, Christmas trees …



The beautiful Sapa @ Sinhcafe Tourist

Sapa Christmas season is like a miniature Europe, not busy, rush but peaceful, romantic on each small street. In this place, the cold does not seem to stop thousands of travelers coming here to enjoy the true winter. The ancient roof, squeaky Sapa rock church bell will accompany you to welcome the peaceful Christmas.

Sapa street decorated with sparkling Christmas tree light, you will feel the joy of winter when watching the stream pass. In the winter, enjoy a sweet treat with a very sweet taste, go to the Love Market and feel the cold at the warm pink fire with savory baked goods such as potato, corn, eggs … There are Sapa in Christmas, you completely feel the mystery of this place is covered with white clouds scattered across the sky, leaving only the fragile light to pass through, creating the very beauty of Sapa.


La Vang Cathedral (Quang Tri)

Accredited by the Vatican as the Cathedral, La Vang (Hai Lang District, Quang Tri) became the sacred site of the Vietnamese Christian community. Maybe that’s why the Christmas season here is more special than the other places when thousands of people come to celebrate the holy day. The cathedral and the surrounding area are magnificently decorated, especially the statue of Our Lady glows under the famous canopy decorated with magical blue light.

A lot of young people gathered here to see the beautiful scene, taking pictures recording the meaningful moments with friends, relatives. La Vang parishioners are present early to attend the Christmas Eve Mass. A happy Christmas, praying for the best in the holy land, which is what every sheep wants to experience.



If Danang on the day with colorful colors with thousands of lights at the Dragon Bridge, turn the Han River on the occasion of Christmas and New Year, “the most liveable city in Vietnam” has many programs, Fun activities to celebrate the birth of Christ and the world welcomes a new year.

Famous green, clean, beautiful and worth living in Vietnam increasingly attractive visitors not only in the ideal tourist destinations such as Ba Na – Nui Chua, Son Tra Peninsula, Ngu Hanh Son … but also the place of organizing international competitions such as fireworks, international flights … Let the people of Danang welcome a warm Christmas and a lucky new year by joining in. air jubilantly with the melody on the show “Countdown” on New Year’s Eve.


Da Lat

The peaceful Da Lat @

Dalat stepping into the Christmas season brings the characteristic air of the cold weather, is the season of yellow flowers and yellow flowers incubated together with the violet of the hydrangea, mimosa adds to the romantic beauty of Da Lat. Picking up Christmas in Da Lat, you will not have to squeeze in the stream of people, vehicles. The pedestrian streets are brightly decorated with many lights, flowers, pine trees, churches are beautifully decorated as the destination cannot be ignored by the “pagan”.

Christmas in the city of thousands of flowers is also a destination attracted many couples find romance moments. Let’s have a bike ride around Xuan Huong Lake, visit a romantic cafe with yellow lights and candles and then continue wandering the streets until midnight, enjoy a cup of hot soy milk in Cold will be the unforgettable memories.


Nha Trang

Nha Trang beach is always the best choice for those who want to spend a happy Christmas in the blue ocean. On these days, the hotels and resorts along the coast are decorated splendidly with music and dance programs, festive costume. The high Christmas tree is made of exotic materials that have been illuminated and glittered on the streets, creating a vibrant Christmas color for the city.

Welcoming Christmas in the beautiful city with a lot of hope, you do not forget to conquer the pristine islands with smooth white sand beach, explore the magical ocean or have fun at Vinpearl Land … will certainly bring you an exciting holiday.



Christmas in Saigon with a magnificent dress with thousands of lights. Throughout the display of pine trees, sparkling lines and sparkling Christmas music all over the place. City people enjoy Christmas on the “light avenue” Nguyen Hue, Dong Khoi, Nam Ky Khoi Nghia … to look at the flowers and take beautiful photos.

The Youth Cultural Area, Diamond Plaza, and Notre Dame Cathedral … crowds gathered to admire Santa Claus on reindeer car, snow pine trees… The ancient sanctuary exudes incredible majesty in the bell, the chanting echoes. Saigon also has the brightest Buddhist village, sparkling stars sky.


Hope you enjoy your time in Vietnam!

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