Best destinations for this New Year Eve in Asia


Some of best places to visit in this New Year Eve in Asia.

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It is not comparable with the fireworks display on the Lunar New Year or on the National Day lasting more than 20 minutes, but the Hong Kong New Year’s fireworks display is still a glorious spectacle and a lot of people looking forward. Traveling to Hong Kong around this time, visitors can enjoy fireworks performances and countdowns all over the locations around Victoria Harbor. On top of that, the New Year’s Eve experience will definitely be an experience that any visitor would want to try when coming to Hong Kong at the end of the year.



Tokyo, Japan @ Destination 360

Japanese people always like the quiet, so consider the New Year in Japan, visitors will have a truly different experience. Accordingly, on the eve of New Year’s Eve, the bell at the Buddhist shrine in Tokyo will shake 108 times, which is a sign that the transfer from the old year to the new year. When the last bell rang, it was also the beginning of the new year. Millions of people will go to temples and temples to pray for the early years, which is a tradition called hatsumode. They can also collect the first sunrise at sea. Traditional dishes are rice wine and hot drinks, so visitors will keep warm body when queues waiting to set foot in the shrine.

In addition, on the first day of the new year, visitors can stroll around the stalls along the path of the famous Meiji Temple, buy some New Year’s jewelry and eat delicious rice cakes.



Not to be considered a great travel power, visitors to Singapore on the occasion of the new year will be involved in a lot of interesting experiences. The first destination in Singapore that tourists cannot miss is Marina Bay area, where visitors will be participating in the countdown, at the moment of transfer to the new year. Besides, impressive fireworks along with outstanding performing arts will make you unable to take your eyes off. Alternatively, guests can head to Clark Harbor for live music, fireworks, or choose a giant Ferris Wheel to see the spectacular night of Singapore.



New Year’s Eve in Jakarta is always vibrant with crowds gathering in central areas. The best New Year’s fireworks are: Carnaval Beach at the luxurious Ancol Dreamland, as well as La Piazza Shopping at the famous Kelapa Gading Mall. Major commercial and other hotels, especially those in international chain stores, will also hold fireworks. Choose the terrace garden to admire the panoramic city of shimmering.



Bangkok Thailand @ Youtube

It is no coincidence that the capital of Chùa Vàng is at the top of the list of the most popular destinations for New Year’s Eve 2014. This dynamic city has the right weather and countless shopping centers. , restaurants, nightclubs are always ready to serve visitors with the best quality.

Especially in the new year, the capital of Bangkok will be a series of events such as fireworks, party at the hotel, gala music … as well as other promotions. On New Year’s Eve, thousands of people will gather in Central World Square and count down to 12 o’clock.



Well-known for its luxury and classy services, traveling to Dubai in the new year visitors will be immensely excited and amazed by the experience that this place brings to visitors.

In particular, spectacular fireworks and spectacular light show were fired from the Burj Khalifa – the tallest building in the world, then moved to the Burj Al-Arab sail hotel and the in the Palm Islands.



Mumbai is the capital of the state of Maharashtra in India, which is a great place for tourists to enjoy the fresh air.

Mumbai attracts visitors not only by its many beautiful sceneries but also the habitat of many communities and diverse cultures. Travel to Mumbai on the occasion of the new year, you will be able to enjoy the exciting festival, and many exciting and unique entertainment games that you can not find anywhere in the world.



Called Paradise Island, it is no surprise that Bali is always on the list of favorite places to visit on the occasion of the new year. On this occasion, many Bali residents will start the evening with a meal at the pubs or restaurants in Seminyak, Kuta or Legian and then head to Kuta Beach to celebrate the New Year with thousands of others. If you want to get away from the crowds and celebrate the New Year in your own way, Bali will be your destination for you.

Hope you enjoy your time in Asia!

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