Bagan, Myanmar: Archaeological zone (Part 1)

Bagan, Myanmar: Archaeological zone (Part 1)
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One of the best attraction in Myanmar. 

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I have traveled to Bagan, a mysterious, magical place and there were so many gossips about this place. Bagan was recognized as the world's most impressive cultural heritage, along with Angkor Wat in Cambodia or Machu Pichu Holy Land in Peru. From the 9th to the 13th century, the city was also called Pagan - the capital of the Kingdom of Pagan - the first unified kingdom, which would later form the modern state of Myanmar.

In the period of its prosperous development from the mid-11th and 13th centuries, the Pagan Kingdom built more than 10,000 Buddhist temples and monasteries throughout the Bagan plain. Of these, about 2,200 temples still exist today. Being bound to Bagan, like any tourist traveling to Myanmar, I hope that this place will not be too crowded. After a long bus ride in the night, I arrived in Bagan before dawn. The city is still sleepy, then I get off the bus and take a carriage to enter the city. And my adventure was about to begin!

Watch the sunrise in Bagan

Sunrise in Bagan @ Youtube

Having booked a hotel room before, I was not too worried about the unexpected risk of accommodation. The friendly driver drove me to the front of the hotel, waiting for me to finish my check-in, and guide me to the sunrise. It was 5 am, so I did not hesitate when he said he would take me to Shwei Leik Too Temple, which he said was a great place to watch the sunrise.

When we arrived, not too many tourists there, I met a friendly Chinese girl riding a bicycle, we talked and climbed a temple and waiting for the sun to appear. Not letting us wait long, the sun rose from the horizon, and painted the vast plains with many different tones, initially orange and then yellow. Just as the coachman said, this is a great place to look at the temples of Bagan bright in the sun, and look at the surrounding scenery. And I had a great start to Bagan.

Surprised with the incredible heat in Bagan

After breakfast at the hotel, I pulled up a map of Bagan and found out the guidebooks to schedule my exploration trip. My plan is to rent a bike, and run around the northern part of Bagan, and visit the city center for a bit.

After renting a bicycle for myself, I felt the heat of the day in this place, when the sun shone brightly into the city. However, taking advantage of the sun still being not too harsh, I still want to visit some of the temples nearby.

When looking at the temples at the tower of Bagan on the way, I am really impressed with the beauty of this place. Big towers, small towers, all are close and connected by a small road. After a labyrinth of towers, I returned to the hotel to rest and wait for the sun to cool down to continue my plan.

Explore inside the temple in Bagan

Temples in Bagan @ Wikipedia

The next day I continued to wake up early and watch the sunrise, the moment of sunrise in Bagan always, always brilliant and impressive. After returning home, I met a beautiful Canadian girl. She has just arrived from Mandalay and is also planning a visit to Bagan.

After a chat, we decided to go exploring together, and our destination would be to explore the ancient temples. We were really overwhelmed by the internal architecture of the temple, the huge Buddha statues along the aisles, the brilliant colors of the walls in red and orange tones, on each wall were Decorated with exquisite carvings.

We wandered in surprise, and stopped when we encountered a splendid architecture and suddenly found ourselves in a moment of peace.

Spectacular sunset

A scenery cannot be missed if you travel to Bagan to watch the sunset. So we went to a rather famous shrine Shwesandaw. I have to admit that the setting of the sunset here is no less beautiful than the scene at dawn, always very rustic and magical.

At first, the sky was still scattered with blue clouds, but soon afterward, all was completely changed, and the sky was "dyed" by purple, which looked very spectacular. After a while, the sun was completely gone, and the darkness enveloped the sky, and now the sky was only visible from the ancient temples. An extremely attractive scene.

Another Bagan ...

The next day, we wanted to get out of the crowded tourist streets of Bagan, to reach the more remote areas to the south. Because of the distance, we rented an electric bicycle as a means of transportation.

We have seen very few temples. Except for the local people, that we did not see the sight of a tourist around. We arrived at a very impressive architectural temple, but the entrance was locked, the manager there saw us and unlocked us in. It was a young man, looking very active, he was very enthusiastic leading us to go around and explain the murals on the wall. When we offered to pay him some money for the job, but he resolutely refused and responded with a smile, Wow! Bagan made us surprise again.

After visiting the temples, we entered a restaurant in a small village, enjoying local dishes. The manager of this restaurant is very friendly, he led us to visit his family is his acquaintance in the village. This is a traditional village. All the bungalows and houses we visit there are people weaving inside. Everything is handmade and looks very interesting.

We were quite surprised to see a young girl smoking cigars - a traditional cigarette of Myanmar. I like everything here, everything from people to places, natural and traditional, and there is no trace of tourism.

It's a pleasure to spend some time chatting with local people, without being influenced by the crowds around you and the cheering of sales.

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