All you need to know about Universal Studios Singapore (Part 1)


Amazing park to be in Singapore, Asia. Coming to Singapore, you have to try out this experience in this wonderful country in order to fully understand about Singapore.

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Tickets to visit Universal Studios Singapore

– The ticket is divided into 3 main types. 74 SGD for adults, 54 SGD for children, and 36 SGD for elders.  This is a one-way fare. There are also five types of tickets: SGD 188 for adults, SGD 158 for children and SGD 158 for seniors.

– Most of the exciting games at Universal Studios Singapore have long queues, if you want to save time, you can choose Universal Express tickets. There are two types of Universal Express tickets available (one for all games, and one for non-quests, but you will have to queue normally. ) and SGD 50 (this is the unlimited ticket, you get all the prizes and an unlimited number of participants).

VIP Tour of Universal Studios Singapore

– In particular, Universal Studios Singapore has a VIP tour, if you buy this tour you will have your own guide during the tour, not lined up with people to play the game and given priority to participate in the shooting. VIP tour fare is SGD 298 for adults (from 13 years old) and SGD 228 for children (from 4 to 12 years old).

The main sightseeing area is Universal Studios Singapore

Ancient Egypt @ SW Lothian

As one of the five theme parks on Universal Studios worldwide, Universal Studios Singapore was built at a cost of SGD7 billion. Universal Studios Singapore is a miniature world with stories from 24 worlds including Hollywood, New York, Sci-Fi City, Ancient Egypt, The Lost World, Far Far Away and Madagascar. Wonderland for both children and adults.

As soon as you step through the big gate, you immediately see the characters long believed to exist only in cartoons, fiction and deep into it, there are many surprises waiting for visitors.


Step through the ticket gate, you will immediately see the Hollywood Boulevard is designed with the white curved roof. As the name implies, this is the pathway of the American avenue of fame with many famous stars in the world. Especially, at the beginning of the avenue there are people dressed up as characters in popular films so that visitors can take pictures with but of course, you will have to queue. In particular, the New York area regularly hosts meetings with cute cartoon characters such as minions.

The Hollywood Dreams Parade, a parade of characters in Dream Word films, is also the hallmark of Hollywood. The ideal location to see this show is at KT’s Grill. This show usually takes place at 3 pm on weekends.


New York

Spaghetti space chase @ Budget Wayfarers

Take the Hollywood Boulevard, turn right to New York. Here you will feel like you are lost to New York, the United States with classic landmarks such as Brown Derby restaurant, Pantages Hollywood Theater, National Library …

In particular, the highlight of this area is “Lights! Camera! Action! “Simulates a movie directed by Steven Spielberg about the devastating New York storm. Attending this program you will have the opportunity to witness Steven Spielberg’s filmmaking experience with never-before-seen reality. Besides, there is also an interesting game that no less attractive to the kids is the Sesame Street Spaghetti Space Chase, based on the science fiction comedy scene with the music and the famous comedy style of Sesame. Street.

In addition, Sesame Street Spaghetti Space Chase is quite fun, this game is like a ship to the universe, the two sides are the image of cartoon characters, the other side is the attractive noodles.

After having fun, you can have lunch at KT’s Grill restaurant, which is considered to be the place where the Eastern and Western dishes are intertwined. Designed with wood architecture, as soon as you step into KT’s Grill you will see as returning to 1940.

To be continued…

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