All you need to know about Universal Studio Singapore (Part 2)


More highlights about Universal Studios Singapore in Singapore, Asia.

>> All you need to know about Universal Studios Singapore (Part 1)

Sci-Fi City

Sci-Fi City – a science-fiction world – is based on Transformers with its main games Battlestar Galactica, Transformers The Ride and Accelerator. In particular, you have to try two games are Battlestar Galactica and Transformers The Ride, otherwise will “regret” it.

Battlestar Galactica at Universal Studios Singapore is one of the world’s highest roller coaster ride with 2 green and red lines. At a speed of about 90km / h, the blue line for those who like an adventure because it is slow but there are many turning, and the red line for those who like fast speed.

Aside from Battlestar Galactica, you can try Transformers The Ride, which combines the best of 3D movie effects with a super-realistic system that gives you the feel of living in a movie. Join this game you will be sitting in a car, wearing 3D glasses and will participate in a battle to fight the bad power, great. However, it is recommended that Battlestar Galactica and Transformers The Ride are not for the “weak heart” and fear of heights.

Especially, coming to Sci-Fi City you will have the opportunity to meet and meet the characters in the movie Transformers.

Ancient Egypt

If you like archeology and want to explore the mysterious Egyptian world, Ancient Egypt is the place for you. Here you will admire the great architecture or the towering statues of ancient Egypt. It’s more fun when you join the game Revenge of the Mummy, this is a high-speed train combination game and adventure in the tomb is extremely interesting. Join the game you will be exploring the scenery inside the catacombs with many scenes that you “jerk the heart” with images of fireballs or images of the Pharaoh suddenly appear.

The Lost World

The Lost World in the park @ Landolia

The Lost World is divided into two thematic areas: Jurassic Park and Waterworld with content related to two famous films of the same name. Here, you can join Canopy Flyerm – high roller games, Jurassic Park Rapids Adventure, or try climbing with Amber Rock Climb. Especially note when referring to Jurassic Park Rapids Adventure game you should bring a raincoat because it may get wet.

Far Far Away

Far Far Away is a paradise for lovers of fairy tales, stepped in here you will have the feeling of returning to childhood with super cute cartoon characters such as giant guy Shrek, donkey Donkey or cute princess Fiona. The most engaging activity of Far Far Away is to watch the Shrek 4-D Adventure. Before watching the movie, you will hear the introduction of story telling before. With the attractive 4D effects, you will be participating in “Shrek Adventures” with your friends. Especially, during the movie you will feel your chair is moving, even spraying, the wind is very fond of.


This area is built based on the cartoon Madagascar so visitors will meet many familiar characters such as: lion Alex, Melman giraffe, Gloria hippopotamus … The game in this area is quite light, no Too risky should be suitable for all ages. In particular, there are regular encounters with cute characters in Madagascar.

Seasonal highlights at Universal Studios Singapore

Madagascar in Universal Studios Singapore @ Universal Studios Singapore

As a multi-purpose entertainment complex, it’s time for Universal Studios Singapore to organize many exciting events such as Soak Out. You’ve probably heard of Thailand’s Songkran Festival, right? Soak Out will also have a chance to enjoy a fun water festival at Universal Studios Singapore.

Besides Soak Out, if you come here to coincide with the Halloween, of course, can not miss the Halloween Horror Nights 6 extremely unique and unique.

A few notes 

It is advisable to take a sightseeing map as soon as you enter the gate for easy navigation and more information about the day’s shows.

– Universal Studios Singapore is quite large, so walking is a good idea, so it’s best to wear comfortable clothes, sandals or sports shoes and a hat.

– At Universal Studios Singapore, there are a lot of public faucets, so if you want to save, you should bring bottles to get water from the tap.

– Each game has a clear note as not for the faint of heart, not for children under 1m2, … so you should watch carefully before playing.

How to move to Universal Studios Singapore

Universal Studios Singapore is located on Sentosa Island, so you need to go to Sentosa Island. There are 3 ways: take the Sentosa Express, walk through BoardWalk or take the cable car. Cable car fare is SGD 26 (adult) and SGD 15 (children). However, most people often take the train or walk to save. If you travel by train to the island, you reach the 3rd floor of the Vivo City court and catch the Sentosa Express for 4 SGD. Shuttle to WaterFront is the door of Universal Studios Singapore always. If you walk then you go to the first floor following the instructions. Walking distance is about 800m, very nice view panoramic city, and the island. If you choose to walk you only cost 1 SGD ticket to Sentosa but also have the opportunity to watch the Singapore sea along the way.


Hope you enjoy your time in Singapore!

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