A visit to the wonderful old town of Phuket


The diary of a traveler in the old town of Phuket in Thailand.

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Journey to the Old Town Phuket in Thailand

Before we start our journey, we stop at the Thai Travel Agency (TAT) on Thalang Road to get a map of Phuket Town Treasure.

The Old Quarter is not large so it is perfectly possible to walk. It only lasts about 2km, including 6 roads and 2 alleys. It took me about half a day to get through this place.

In my personal experience, walking around the alleyways is the most fun way to get to know the culture and characteristics of Phuket. Starting at the east, at the junction with Thep Kasatri Road and south of Queen Sirikit Park.

The main section of the Thalang line begins after connecting with Thep Kasatri. This section is about 400m long, retains a lot of “old style”, only a few newer buildings were remodeled.

Along the Dibuk Road, Thalang, I have also encountered galleries, bakeries, eateries, guest houses that are close to each other and have family stores that have lived and operated for generations. The first thing that surprised me was that in the midst of a crowded, bustling and vibrant tourist city like Phuket, there was a tranquil, tranquil old town.

Multiple cultural heritages

The road of Old Town Phuket @ Top Phuket Hotels

Traveling to Phuket, I was attracted by the shops tinged with Trung – Bo color with the balcony as airy, picturesque. Besides, I also enjoy the night scene with bright red lanterns in this neighborhood.

Situated in the old town, I have seen many old palaces and houses still intact over time. The most famous building is Baan Chinpracha. Built in 1903, this is the only Chinese-style villa in Phuket that is open to the public.

In the midst of a vast campus of Chinese architecture, the Thai characteristics of the back garden of Thai plants, flowers and flowers are still evident.

The lavish Phuket Laguna Resort is also an unforgettable destination. The resort is located on a tin mine that still remains of a golden age of mining on the island.

Thavorn Hotel on Rasada Road is also worth a stopover. With only 30 baht (about $ 1), we get lost in the remote memory of the 1960s. The hotel museum is the only place we can see the unique old elevator in Phuket.

In addition to the ancient palaces, shops with the same architecture as I mentioned above are also features of the old town in Phuket. The symbol here is the Chinese-Portuguese style with exquisitely designed wooden windows or brightly colored fences.

Along Thalang Road or Dibuk Road, there are many antique shops, galleries, bakeries, cafes, department stores, guest houses, and family-run stores, such as Guan Choon Tong.

The old town of Phuket seems to have something like the ancient town of Hoi An, also cultural and architectural diversity on each roof, street corner. I saw Chinese-style taverns with red lanterns, luxurious Western-style villas, and Portuguese dyed shops.

Although built in the 19th century, the old town of Phuket is well preserved. Morning and evening are the perfect time to explore this ancient town, where the sun begins to recede for cool breezes from the sea.

Walking around the old town, sipping a cup of hot tea to feel the peace and quiet in the old town is a simple but fun experience when you come to Phuket.


Some things needed for a tour of the old town Phuket

The wondeful scenery @ Pantip


– From airport: From airport, take a bus to old town in Phuket (about 100 baths). Leaving the old town, visitors can continue to catch songthaew (an open bus) or tuk-tuk from Ranong Road to any beach.

– In the old town: Most tourists choose tuk-tuks as a means to visit the old town. However, this is not a wise choice because it will make you lose the opportunity to explore this place thoroughly.

From the experience of those who go before, the best way to visit the old town is to walk.

Prepare a Phuket Town Treasure map that is available at the Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT) on Thalang Road and begins your journey.

Eat & Drink: In Phuket, you can enjoy a variety of cuisines from various countries such as Arabian, Indian, Malaysian, Chinese … such as kanen jeen of Fujian, Malaysia moo hong, enjoy mango shake at Trendy Kopi de Phuket. If you like Western dishes, La Romantica Italian restaurant is the ideal stopover.

Siam Bakery is famous for its fine sandwiches and delicious coffee or China Inn Café is also worth a visit. Also, do not miss the curbside restaurants, where you can comfortably eat local specialties.

Hope you enjoy your time in Thailand!

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