8 destinations for your new year trip in 2018 in Asia


Some of the best destinations for your new year journey in Asia.

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Koh Rong and Koh Rong Samloem, Cambodia

If you’ve ever dreamed of a trip to where there are green beaches, piers to the sea, small houses squeezed in the trees, hidden behind foliage or swings to the sea, Take your backpack and go straight to Koh Rong and Koh Rong Samloem of Cambodia.

Koh Rong and Koh Rong Samloem are two islands located in the Gulf of Thailand, more than 20 km from the coastal city of Sihanoukville. Koh Rong and Koh Rong Samloem is known as an interesting tourist destination and attracted by the romantic beauty. This is the place to enjoy the fresh air and quiet after the busy life.


Penang, Malaysia

Penang, Malaysia @ Azamara Club Cruises

If you are a fan of sedimentation, like wandering through the old streets, Malaysia’s Penang is a destination for you. Located in the Straits of Malacca, Penang is not only the sea landscape, beautiful island “fascinated”, but also possesses a very interesting cultural beauty.

In the gentle, slow-moving atmosphere of this city, you will be able to meet your wanderings, from the old streets of Georgetown with creative street paintings, traditional shops, to the special temples or unique street food outlets. Penang has everything you need for a discovery, soothing and relaxing trip.


Vang Vieng, Laos

Located about 150km from the Lao capital of Vientiane, the small town of Vang Vieng is located in the vast green mountains. Known as the peaceful countryside with fresh, cool climate and also the famous tourist destination of beautiful Laos. There are no beautiful buildings, no modern resorts or large lined streets … so that every year, Vang Vieng attracts a huge number of tourists, many times the number of 50,000 people.

With the advantage of the ideal terrain – back mountain face overlooking the river, Vang Vieng town is known as a peaceful countryside on the Nam Song River. This small town has a hidden wilderness and is a very peaceful town.

Bali, Indonesia

Bali, Indonesia @ Insider Travel

With beautiful natural scenery, marine climate and unique culture, Bali has long been named “tropical paradise” by tourists and is the place to visit at least one of all the faithful. calendar. The attractions of Bali come from beautiful beaches, green terraces, and tropical greenery all year round creating a unique setting on Bali Island.

Moreover, with the title of the land of the temples, Bali has up to 20,000 temples and large, When you come here, you do not miss the Uluwatu Temple and Temple Tanah Lot – these are the most beautiful temples in The temples in Bali, located on the cliffs facing the sea, both temples are popular tourists thanks to its unique geographic location island.

Mandalay, Myanmar

Located only 30 minutes from Bagan, you will arrive in Mandalay. This is a chaotic, dusty city, but when you leave the bustling downtown area to visit the magnificent architecture of this place, then you will really understand the beauty. of a land that was the ancient capital of the land of the gold pagoda. Most prominent is the picturesque Ubein bridge in the ancient village of Amarapura (considered the longest teak bridge in the world), one of the most scenic sunsets in the world.


Cameron Highlands, Malaysia

Cameron Highlands, Malaysia @ Our Global Trek

Contrary to what one might imagine a bustling Malaysia, Cameron Highlands is a completely different image of Malaysia, a peaceful, natural and spectacular image.

Cameron is the largest resort in Malaysia, which owns the tea plantations, strawberries, smooth blue hills of grass. Cameron Plateau has a cool climate, with early frosts healing in the early morning and midday sunshine. Here, you not only get rid of the fatigue of busy life, not only breathe the air of the highlands but also released eyes watching the hun hills smoking, into a beautiful scene like a painting with many shades.


Singapore is a beautiful island country with a modern architecture combining the colorful East-West culture, where you can comfortably roam alone that is safe.

Singapore tourist not only to shopping but also visit many other interesting places. The most prominent destinations in Singapore are Little India, Orchard Road, Sentosa Chinatown, Flyer Flyer, Marina Bay Sands, Jurong Bird Sanctuary … On the other hand, Singapore offers many discount programs, especially on the last occasion. year, with fashion and technology goods.


Boracay Island, Philippines

Boracay Island, Philippines @ Tu van du hoc ASCI

As one of the smallest island in the Philippines, Boracay is the most beautiful and attractive island with soft white sand, stretching and turquoise sea sand pounding the sand. This is a “must visit” point in Southeast Asia in travel books as well as on travel guide websites. With its brilliant beauty, Boracay is likened to a jewel in the middle. Boracay has everything you can expect from world-class international cuisine, 5-star hotel, and nightlife.


Hope you enjoy your time in Asia!

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