8 colorful destinations of Singapore, Asia


Singapore is an amazing place to be right now because it has so many interesting destinations. Coming here you should not skip these destinations as they are easily the best around the country as well as in Asia.

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1. Chinatown

The first colorful destination is Chinatown Chinatown. 75% of Singapore’s population is of Chinese descent, so this is the most obvious expression of their tradition and cultural identity. Bright red, yellow color appears in most buildings, from houses to pagodas, museums … Not only that, the evening at Chinatown will make you as you enter the fantasy world with countless Red lanterns shimmer along the streets.

Walking along Pagoda Road, you can indulge in a few cheap souvenir items: only 10 SGD for 3 items any cute pole. You can also enjoy a herbal bath and massage in the spa area. If you are interested in exploring the culture, the Chinese Heritage Museum can be a good choice.

2. Singapore Zoo

Singapore Zoo @ Pinterest

After watching the spectacular performances of many colorful birds, you can visit each protected area. Visually admiring the rare white tiger, each flock of flamingos feeding or rainbow flock gathered together is a very interesting experience. Young children are handmade rhinos to eat carrots or birds eat seeds. When they get tired, visitors are served lunch in the restaurant, surrounded by emperor penguins swimming! If you stay up until night time, the “Night Safari” program will take you on a new and adventurous journey of discovery.

3. Singapore Botanic Gardens

Singapore’s lush vegetation is one of the finest landscapes in the island nation. With an area of 54 hectares, this place is full of rare tropical flowers, especially orchids. Extremely abundant botanical resources and strictly preserved in primary forest. Especially, it is a center for researching the breeding of industrial plants for the world such as flower or diuretic.

4. Marina Bay Sands

Marina Bay Sands Skypark is designed as a yacht located on three skyscrapers. The top of the yacht is a good place to enjoy the night view of Marina Bay. Visitors can buy a 20 SGD ticket, take the elevator to the 56th floor of the building in less than 10 seconds to admire the scenery. If you are lucky enough to stay in this hotel for even one night, you will be pampered in the yacht basin, and enjoy a refreshing dip in the water with your hands on the glass. below.

5. Little India

Little India @ Singapore Guide

Walking down Serangoon Road, you will reach the “heart” of India in Singapore: Little India, where the colorful colors from the buildings will make you look like a fairytale world. On the street, you will easily see the beautiful Indian women who dress in the traditional colorful sari. Somewhere there is an aroma of herbs, when light, as passionate from the Indian-style spices. You can also experience a henna drawing along the sidewalk with only 3 SGDs, which results in pretty good results. Then he went to Tekka Market to buy some tropical fruit pouches and savor cheap prices. At the end of the day, at night, Little India will offer you beautiful dance music.

6. Museum of Asian civilization

As one of the three major museums of the National Museum of Singapore, it draws on a wealth of historical material, mostly from East Asia, Southeast Asia and parts of West Asia. After an excursion, you can take a rest in the museum’s restaurant, which features regional specialties. You can visit the souvenir shop, where the art of Asia as reproduced authentically in each gift.

7. Maxwell Road Hawker Food Center

This is mixed-race of Chinese, Malaysian and Indian cuisines and of course, there is no lack of Islamic food. A full meal here ranges from 5-10 SGD. You will be overwhelmed by over 100 booths as busy as the pan, the smell of nose here. So finding a local guide to enjoying the best food from reputable sellers is a wise thing. Experience, you can try Tian Tian chicken rice, pork porridge cooked together or kwey teow stir-fried with scallops or shrimp.

8. Arab Street

Arab Street @ Singapore

The Arabs also have their own neighborhood in Singapore. Most prominent in this neighborhood can be the glowing jewelry shops, sophisticated carpets, and brocade brocades. You can also easily spot the line of Maroc’s street lamps or the glittering mosques of Sultan’s and Hajjah Fatimah, featuring a dazzling golden dome. At night, the shisha or hookah cafes are the most attractive destination for gathering friends.

Hope you enjoy your time in Singapore!

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