8 best marketplaces for your shopping needs in Thailand


Shopping is known to be one of the most popular activities in Thailand, Asia due to the richness of goods and the cheap price. Coming to Thailand, you should definitely go to these places to experience shopping in Thailand for yourself.

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1. Chatuchak Market

Chatuchak in Thai means Weekend Market. It is the largest market in the world, it covers 1.13 km² and can arrange 15,000 counters, welcoming from 200,000 to 300,000 visitors per day. Chatuchak Market, next to Bangkok’s Kamphaengphet MRT Station, is a 5-minute walk from Mo Chit Station and Chatuchak Park. This market has many characteristics similar to the Dong Xuan night market of Hanoi but only meeting at weekends, the booth is designed mobile outside.

There are various kinds of goods, from live snakes, live chickens, flowers, trees, fresh fruits, to handicraft stands, consumer cosmetics, electronics. The richest here is clothing, footwear, and other textiles. There are many promotional ways to attract buyers such as discounted goods, buy in general or give gifts … Customers have the right to look comfortable, bargain as well, the seller is always friendly.

2. Siam Paragon Shopping Center

Siam Paragon – pride Bangkok is the largest shopping mall (80,000 square meters), Thailand’s largest shopping mall (2,000 square meters). Siam Paragon is located on Sukhumvit Road at Siam BTS Skytrain, close to Siam Center and Siam Discovery. This shopping center converges on a myriad of premium brands such as Chanel, Dolce & Gabbana, Escada, Gucci, Versace … The center also features 1,600 Siam Opera.

3. MBK Center

MBK center in Bangkok @ Wikimedia Commons

MBK Center is a large 8-storey building, considered one of the largest shopping mall in Asia. There are over 2000 shops and services, including 150 dining outlets and large movie theaters. MBK is still busier than the big shopping malls in Bangkok, partly because of the rich goods, “gold”, “bran” are diverse. You can find bargainable items here including clothing, cosmetics, leather, jewelry, electronics, IT, theaters, karaoke, game machines … and a 4-storey department stor..

4. Platinum Fashion Center

As a new shopping mall, Platinum brings its customers fashion trends with a wide selection and prices, which are suitable for the majority of the social class, age … Platinum offers products At a reasonable price, especially when you buy a lot (from 3 products). There are stores that allow you to combine multiple products together, not necessarily to buy the same product in large quantities. Each item here is usually 30% cheaper than the outside market.

5. Taling Chan Floating Market

Tailing Chan Floating Market @ Grand Sukhumvit Hotel Bangkok

Bangkok is known as “Oriental Venice” so floating market is also one of the attractions of this city, notably Taling Chan. Located in western Bangkok, the market attracts tourists with grilled fish and steamed crabs on the boat. Taling Chan has appeared in Thailand for centuries. The vendors, traders usually meet from 9am to 4pm, selling traditional Thai food, desserts and fruits on their own boat.

6. Central World

As the largest shopping mall in Bangkok’s commercial district, this is a mecca of shops, restaurants and entertainment venues including movie theaters, patin skating rinks and duty free Thai shops. Viewed from the outside, Central World looks like a large rectangular block. The building is not a combination of beauty or complex architecture, but the structural style is very eye-catching. In front of Central World, there is a large rectangular square. In the evening, large crowds gather here to cool off, enjoy drinks in the open bar.

7. Pantip Plaza Informatics Center

This is a complex multi-storey supermarket, selling everything related to informatics. Here, you can find the latest software, wireless mouse, CD-ROM … of all the famous brands in the world or in Thailand, from high-end to low-end with the The price range is varied. You can also buy other electronics: camera, camcorder, laptop …

8. Or Tor Kor Market

Or Tor Market @ Chatuchak Market

Located near the famous Chatuchak market bazaar at the weekend is Or Tor Kor Market, which sells and imports the specialty vegetables and fruits of all Asian countries. Visitors to the Or Tor Kor market can also taste seafood such as salted fish, sweets and delicious street food such as fried pork, egg whites with pineapple, and Thai curries. The most popular item bought at Or Tor Kor is the curry and spicy Thai hot pot. Thailand’s Or Tor Kor Market is ranked by CNN Go among the 10 freshest markets in the world.


Hope you enjoy your stay in Thailand!

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