5 paradise beaches in Asia that you should visit


5 paradise beaches near Vietnam in Asia.

>> Khao Yai – Peaceful destination in Thailand

 Vietnam has many beautiful beaches and paradise islands. But looking to the neighboring countries, there are five “paradise” do not know you have discovered yet, but I am sure you will fall in love with them as soon as you see them.

 5 beautiful land is near Vietnam and very easy to move to, you do not even need to take a plane to some places. The cost of travel is very reasonable, food and drink are delicious and diverse, and also easy to eat. Everything is so great, why not make a plan to go there. It is gonna be wasteful if you do not.

Krabi – Thailand

Paradise Krabi is located in southern Thailand, 814km from Bangkok. Here the tourists are attracted by the pristine beauty preserved by the mysterious islands, white sand beaches, and jade blue sea.

Ao Nang Bay is a place where you should spend your time while in Krabi. The sea is green as the jade, there are a lot of the diving areas with fishes or hanging on the cliffs or hot springs. Anyone who comes here will agree that this is a great place.

There are two ways to travel from Bangkok to Krabi: a plane (with 1 hour and 20 minutes) and a bus (11 hours). The cost of living, food, and accommodation here is also cheaper than Phuket and Pattaya, so coming to Thailand you can forget the familiar area and visit this wonderful area.

Koh Rong Samloem – Cambodia

Koh Rong Samloem – Cambodia @ Du Lich Ha Tien

This island paradise is a land of Cambodian neighbors, so going from Vietnam is very easy, and convenient.

If you are too tired of daily busy life and really want to “escape” in a proper way, then this is the promised land. The beautiful island of Koh Rong Samloem retains its pristine and pure nature. Tourism in this area just started to develop so surely you can enjoy the peace here.

There is no wifi here, even the phone signal is not that strong too. So all the worries of daily life are to stay home. These are the things that can not invade your freedom. The beach is beautiful and shimmering, and you can set up a hammock under the shade tree to read a book or drop under the water in the pool and dive to admire the coral reef.

From Saigon, there are many kinds of vehicles to Cambodia. Koh Rong Samloem is only 2 km away from Sihanoukville with 45 minutes’ boat ride on the beach. All expenses for this trip are also reasonable and not expensive at all.

Bali – Indonesia

In the list of heavenly paradises, this place is certainly cannot be missed. With the famous saying “Everyone in Bali has a love” in the book “Eat, pray, love” by Elizabeth Gilbert has inspired many people to explore this beautiful land. This place is called “The island of the couples” for a reason. Besides the natural scenery that is already romantic, the resort in Bali also looks pristine, full of dazzling facilities. And this time is also the best time to visit Bali.

Bali is very broad, I repeat: it is very broad. If you want to visit everywhere then 10 days is probably not enough. Bali has not only beautiful beaches but also caves, volcanoes, highlands, terraces, temples bearing the traces of Hinduism.

Food and drink in Bali are also varied and delicious. Many dishes of this place such as roasted pork, Bebek Goreng, Pepes, and tum … are very easy to eat, the price is also very “delicious”. A beachfront dinner with friends, or romance with a lover, is a lovely experience in Bali.


El Nido – Philippines

El Nido – Philippines @ International Traveller

Philippines is a home to many “home-brewed islands” that was given to them by mother nature.

Approximately 420 km from Manila, El Nido is located at the tip of Palawan Island, so it is as deserted and pristine as a newly discovered raw gemstone. In El Nido, swimming and snorkeling are fine, but you can also sail to visit the smaller islands around. You will discover many less known secret beaches. You can have the whole beach for yourself and your lover, how great is that!

Sometimes I just lie on the white sand beach, listen to music, relax yourself to be in harmony with nature alone, and that is enough happiness for me.

Boracay – Philippines

If El Nido is a rare gem and not very well-known, Boracay is one of the “travel” brands of the Philippines long ago. The white sand beach and the clear blue sea water is the first impression when you come to Boracay.There are few people who do not go “wow”  when first coming here.

In Boracay, you can immerse in the serene landscape of an island, poetic sea, and is both wild and captivating. Besides, the service is good but very diverse, with a full range of high-end to affordable for tourists. When you come to Boracay, you just want to spend the day at the beach, then dive with the fish and watch the coral through clear water, or jump from the cliff to the clear water. This is indeed a very attractive experience. All of these factors are enough to call this place “paradise” right?

 Hope you enjoy your time in Asia!

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