Yogyakarta in Indonesia: Primary attraction

Yogyakarta in Indonesia: Primary attraction
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Coming to this wonderful attraction in Indonesia to help yourself with one of the best tourism experiences can be found in this beautiful Asia country.

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Watching the dawn at Borobudur Temple

Start your journey to explore Yogyakarta at this great Buddhist architecture. This is also the famous tourist destination of Indonesia. Enjoying the early morning atmosphere on the hillside, admiring Merapi and Merbabu volcanoes and watching the enormous buildings around you will certainly not disappoint.

Visiting the primary forest in the cave

The primary forest @ Youtube

Formed thousands of years after a major collapse, the Jomblang Cave is a rare natural wonder of Yogyakarta. With a depth of more than 60 m, it is hard to imagine having a vegetation population at the bottom of the cave. Great trees, mushrooms, and ferns live here and are almost unaffected by humans.

You should walk through this cave, cross a tunnel about 250 meters to reach the cave Grubug. Sunlight shines through the mouth of the cave and illuminates the entire stalactite. To be able to take pictures of this amazing phenomenon, come here from 10 to 12 noon.

Enjoy traditional dishes

After your return visit to the caves, take a break and enjoy a hearty lunch. Yogyakarta has a relatively different cuisine compared to other parts of Indonesia. You should try Gudeg - stewed tunnel. This dish is usually served with rice, eggs, tofu, shrimp pancakes and chicken.

Dive into the "Water" Palace

Taman Sari Palace @ ALLindonesiaTourism.com

As a gift from the Portuguese to the royal family, the Taman Sari Palace is full of lakes and artificial islands, and this is where the king of Yogyakarta and his royal kings relax. and relax.

Go along the main corridor to the palace's tower, where you will have the opportunity to admire the entire city or visit the Tajug - a system of underground bunkers.

Admire Batik art

The residents of Yogyakarta are known for their extremely skilled craftsmen, so you will easily find fine art workshops. Batik art was formed in the Southeast Asian region and focused on the use of candle wax, dye, and various fabric materials. You can draw on the fabric itself with a tool called tjanting.

Activities on the beach

Situated 25 km from the city, Parangtritis is the nearest beach. Come and experience the special black sand formed by the volcanic ash. Activities like mountain biking, horseback riding or even a sand dingy are all here.

Not far from the beach is the Gumuk Pasir Sand Dunes - a suitable place for taking pictures and sandy slides. If you do not like to go to the beach, go to the swimming pools around and enjoy your life. This is also the ideal location for taking pictures of the sunset.

Walking around South Square at night

South Square @ Travel Eat Explore Repeat

Yogyakarta has two large squares, North and South. For tourists, the South Gate is a more affordable option. Performing arts, street hiking or street food stalls will be available in the evening.

You can try to participate in a local spiritual activity. Keep your eyes closed and walk between two banyan trees. If you can get through it means your future will be very bright, if not ... this is just a fun activity.

See the art show

If you like this type, go to Ramayana. The dancers will perform a dance to tell you about an ancient Hindu legend about Rama and Sita. This is an outdoor art show with more than 200 participants.

Staying at the hotel

After a day of uninterrupted activity, this is the moment you imagine yourself at the Phoenix 5 star hotel. It is a mansion and one of the best places to relax in Yogyakarta. In the middle of the hotel and a group of architects built with the inspiration of East-West culture and you will feel very excited when admiring.

Hope you enjoy your time in Indonesia!

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