What to eat when coming to Batanes island?

What to eat when coming to Batanes island?
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Most dishes in the Batanes archipelago are wrapped in a large leaf called vunung or breaded leaves. This way the food tastes better, the chef is easy to manipulate and above all helps to protect the environment because of the leaves self-destruction after use. People mostly use their hands to pick up the food and to eat.

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Uved is also known as uvud - one of the delicious dishes made from banana puree mashed with pork or ground beef and minced fish. The mixture is then mixed with spices including onions, garlic, salt and pepper and used directly.

The emphasis here is on the scent of spices and the freshness of the ingredients.


Fresh dibang in Batanes @ Escape Manila

Dibang is the name of a common fish that you often encounter in the islands. This fish is also called the flying fish because it is called the name, the two fins are very long to help them "jump" or "fly" out of the water when wanting to escape from the enemy.

There are many ways to eat dibang fish such as fried, marinated with salt and dried. Fish meat is very sweet, sweet and tough to use in any way, diners will also hardly forget the taste when enjoying.


Vunes is a dish made from potatoes or minced taro cooked with pork and vegetables. This dish is a simple but deliciously tasty and dessert-friendly dish.

Prawns and crabs

Lobsters in Batanes @ Amazing Batanes Tours

Referring to the waters, shrimp and crab are one of the most popular seafood.

Lobsters in Batanes Island are so rich that you can buy them for only $ 3 (about 60,000 VND).

Meanwhile, coconut crabs are famous for their sweet and savory taste because they mainly eat fruits, nuts, and coconuts.

However, contrary to lobster, coconut crabs are listed as endangered because of hunting too many people. Currently, the consumption of coconut crab on Batanes Island is considered illegal, so be careful if you come here and be invited to eat this dish.

Bulbs and plants

Batanes archipelago has a variety of bulbs and plants, especially sweet potatoes and taro. These are steamed, smoked.

In recent times, the restaurants have created more dishes such as sweet potato donuts. You can also fry potatoes then dip them with condensed milk or coconut cream.


Luñis is another version of the famous dish in the Philippines - adobo. This traditional dish is prepared by boiling the pork until the fat has run out and the meat turns yellowish brown, then served with rice, vinegar, and garlic.


Supas is always the main dish in festivals. This dish consists of rice cooked with turmeric powder mixed with garlic and pork. In addition to delicious taste, supas also very yellow eyes so that visitors feel stimulated taste.

Local vegetables

Pako salad (tamiduk) @ Cooking in small places

Tamiduk is also known as Pako or Fiddlehead Fern. This is the most popular vegetable in Batanes because it is easy to cook: just fried and seasoned with salt, garlic, and onion or served as a salad with vinegar.

In addition, there are two other well-known dishes in Batanes: fried onion with taro and egg and steamed taro with garlic, ginger, and onion.

Other seafood dishes

In Batanes there is also quite good seafood like arayu - a fish of three colors yellow, green and green with very sweet and sweet meat, fried octopus, seaweed soup, sea urchins eat raw or cooked and dumay - a kind of sea snail with long meat and very tasty.

Alternatively, try chayi - a fruit-like fruit found only in the Batanes archipelago and palek - a specialty wine made from sugarcane.

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