Top popular things to eat in Thailand right now

Top popular things to eat in Thailand right now
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Some of the best things to eat in Thailand right now.

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1. The noodles

Beef or pork? Spinach or yarn? Rice noodles or egg noodles? Water or dry? Is water clear or broth? Spicy or not? There are so many questions to ask when you walk into a noodle house in Thailand, and each answer will take you to a different noodle dish.

Every noodle dish in Thailand has a certain difference in ingredients, processing, but still have in common ... very cheap. On average, only 50 to 70 baht (depending on the type of noodles) you have a meal immediately warm, belly.

2. Sontam

Sontam @ Ackuw - Devianart

Sontam (papaya salad) is delicious and cheap food that coming to Thailand, you should definitely not miss. The sweet and sour taste of the dish is well suited to the hot weather of Thailand. Watching the seller do sontam is also a blast. First, the seller uses chili, dried shrimp, tomatoes, small beans and lemon juice, fish sauce into the mortar. After the end, the seller added the green papaya fibers, just pounding, mixing the spices into papaya fibers.

Raw paprika sprout is crispy and crunch, makes people want to eat more. The price for each basic sontam in the trolley is about 40 - 50 baht.

3. Pad Thai

Pad Thai is a famous dish of Thailand and when going to Thailand without eating Pad Thai, you are so wrong. Pad Thai has a variety of noodles to choose from at the same time. Each Pad Thai is charged based on the variety of guests selected, such as eggs, shrimp, meat or mashed potatoes. The cheapest Thai Eggs are priced at 40 baht and the Thai Pad Seafood is 80 baht.

4. Chicken rice

In addition to tom yum and other types of noodles, chicken rice is a protein-rich dish that the prices are also very reasonable. Chicken rice also has fried chicken and boiled chicken. At the bar,  the small, medium or large meals prices from 50 to 70, 80 baht.

5. Thai milk tea

Thai milk tea @ Eating Thai food

Thai tea, which is a drink from Thailand that is so popular in Vietnam, when you drink it in Thailand it has a better taste. The cold tea flavor and the special price only about 50 baht for one. This is the drink chosen by many visitors after tiring their leg.

6. The barbecue at the sidewalk

At the moment when you need some protein, the barbecue will be the ideal stop for you. Each car has a lot of food, from chicken legs, grilled sausages or meat skewers, chicken heart skewers, when the customer eat, the sellers will make it less hot using a fan and then put it inside a bag for taking away

7. Mango sticky rice

Thai mango is soft and sweet with sweet white sticky rice and cooked with coconut milk to make a delicious snack: mango sticky rice. This dish is widely sold in market and night markets for only 50 baht a box.

8. Juices

Many returns to Thailand just because of the red, painful, cool and fragrant drink in these small plastic bottles. Pomegranate juice, made from fresh pomegranate seeds, with tapered beads made by peddlers, has an incredible power. The average price of pomegranate juice is about 40 - 50 baht/bottle, depending on the bottle size or small.

Mango juice is orange-yellow, and each bottle is priced at 30 baht. When there are customers the sellers will pick up the bottle, open the lid of the straws and give guests, they do not forget to smile too. The fresh mango juice is very good and also cold, and it is a favorite drink that is no less famous than the pomegranate juice in Thailand.


9. Frozen fruits

When walking on the streets in Thailand it is not difficult to catch the chilled fruit carts. The fruits such as papaya, mango, watermelon, pineapple ... are cut into beautiful bar ice water, guests can choose to eat a tray or choose the fruit you like, prices from 20- 40 baht you have a nice piece of cool fruit to bring along the street just eat.


10. Coconut ice cream

Coconut ice cream @ Thailand - Thailand holiday

50 baht is the average price of a piece of coconut cream peanut cream. Each coconut is cut in half, divided into two bowls of ice cream, coconut shell is usually young, so eat all the cream you can use spoon diced coconut. Coconut juice is poured into the container, guests would like to drink themselves in a plastic cup to drink while waiting for the seller to make coconut cream.


Hope you enjoy your time in Thailand!

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