Top dishes in Vietnam (Second Part)


Some more delicious cuisine in Vietnam

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12. Pho Hanoi

Pho is considered the best cuisine by the people of the capital Hanoi. Pho here is very delicious and has many flavors such as beef noodle soup, chicken noodle soup with many famous brands such as Pho Thin, Pho Ly Quoc Su, Pho Bat Dan … Pho not only is the familiar food of the people but also is a “specialty” that any foreign visitor to Hanoi wants to enjoy at least once.

13. Bac Ninh goat meat

If visitors come to The capital in the past without eating goat meat, he or she is considered not thoroughly understand about Ninh Binh’s cuisine. There are a lot of dishes made from goat meat which is very attractive such as panned goat meat, roasted goat meat, steamed goat meat, goat blood … The almost raw goat meat is sweet and crunchy and usually eaten with many other vegetables like apricot leaves, fig leaves … The sweet taste of the meat has been carved into many people’s mind after visiting Ninh Binh.

14. Nem Chua Thanh Hoa

Nem Chua Thanh Hoa @ Youtube

This dish does not need to be boiled, steamed. Just raw pork is needed, but must be lean, delicious, fresh and does not contain tendon. Nem Chua is usually eaten with some leaves and chili sauce, the taste of this wonderful dish has become a trademark for Thanh Hoa province.

15.  Eel soup Nghe An

Eel soup has become the “pride of Nghe An” with extremely special processing and excellent taste “that nowhere in Vietnam has”. The bowl has a chili aromatic flavor, the eel meat is soft, sweet, and soaked with spices.

16. Cu Do Candy in Ha Tinh

These candies are known as the delicious specialty of Ha Tinh. They are not difficult to make but to produce the ones with unique flavor, not everyone can do. Eating this candy along with some sweet soup, you will surely feel the warmth of people in these rough lands.

17. Hell Rice in Hue

Hell Rice is one of the typical representative dishes of the art of making culinary in Hue culture. With the harmonious taste with the arrangement similar to that of the ancient imperial court’s, the Hue hell rice provides the guests a perfect dish that is not only delicious but also beautifully decorated.

18. Quang Noodles in Danang   

These noodles are delicious, have a strong flavor that always clings to visitors on every trip to Da Nang. Blended with ivory and soft noodle is the sweet and fat of the bone marrow, which is often referred to by locals as “Nuoc Leo”.

19. Don Quang Ngai

Don Quang Ngai @

Don is a specialty food belonging to the “featured” type of Quang Ngai. Coming to this land, no matter how busy you are, you a have to enjoy the Don to know why it is everywhere in the land of Quang Ngai. This special dish is extremely simple, flavorful and very nutritious.

20. Dak Lak deer meat

Dak Lak is famous for it’s sliced and roasted deer meat, marinated with greasy water and spices, eaten with fresh ginger … The piece of roasted meat is soft and spicy, the taste of ginger stimulates the people as if they are drunk without the use of alcohol.

21. Grilled tilapia using charcoal in Dak Nong

Place a piece of fish on the rolls of vegetables, green banana slices, carrots, pineapple, rolled noodle, and then dip it lightly in the bowl of sauce of garlic, lemon, chili and sugar, the correct way to eat this dish. All the combined flavors spread over the tip of the tongue, amazingly delicious.

22. Jellyfish noodle in Nha Trang, Khanh Hoa

Jellyfish noodle @ BlogdulichNhaTrang

When enjoying the Jellyfish noodle in Nha Trang, you will feel the taste of pure broth, the crispy jellyfish, the taste of chilies…  All created an amazing taste in a bowl of noodle that you will want to eat over and over again.

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