Top dishes in Vietnam (First Part)


Some of the best dishes in Vietnam

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1. Buffalo meat stew Ha Giang

Traveling to Ha Giang in Vietnam, sitting around the tray of rice, pick up a few pieces of buffalo meat from the kitchen, sniffed each piece of the fragrant and fresh meat and smells smoked pepper… Whoever came here will want to come back again to enjoy this delicious dish.

2. Barbecue in Sapa – Lao Cai

Sapa’s winter is extremely harsh in each breath. When the night covers the whole town, there is nothing more wonderful when sitting on the kitchen fire pink and sip the hot piece of roasted barbecue. A plate of the roasted stomach, salmon, roasted egg, barbecue … with the fragrance complex enough to dispel the numbness of the northwestern forests.

3. Sour Pho Lang Son

Sour Pho of Lang Son @ Shore Excursion Asia

Phở “noodle soup” is made with freshly cut noodles then mixed with spices, crushed meat, roasted peanuts, roasted duck eggs and just enough water (or sauce) and other spices. This dish is processed quite delicately. The taste is sour and sweet, and extremely delicious.

4. “Armpit” pork in Lai Chau

“Armpit” pork in Lai Chau  (also known as mezzanine pork) is a featured dish only in the uplands. Armpits pork are delicious meats and are sweet to the bone. So no matter what you do with it, the meat is still very delicious. Whether steamed, baked, smoked, fried or boiled, the meat is still attractive. Armpit porks are fragrant, tough but not fat at all, even when you eat the fat pieces.

5. Bird Xoi Muong Thanh – Dien Bien

If you go to Muong Thanh (Dien Bien province) during Tet holiday, you can enjoy the delicious chicken sticky rice. The “Bird” Xoi is placed on a tray with a lid to keep the sticky rice warm and soft. The reason the sticky rice always smells of glutinous rice is that the rice is cooked twice using bamboo stick before bringing out to the table.

6. Grilled river fish in Da river – Hoa Binh

Grilled river fish @ The Gioi Nghieng 235

Da River has long been famous for its delicious fish. Grilled fish is not eaten right away but is mixed with salt, wrapped in banana leaves and then is finally cooked. The smell of fish is very special, not only the smell of wet charcoal, fresh fish but also the banana flavor, bamboo and the simple taste of salt.

7. Chicken meatballs in Tieu Quan – Hung Yen

Chicken meatball in Tieu Quan is a famous dish originating from the village of Tieu Quan, Khoai Chau district, Hung Yen. Chicken meatball is a unique dish, and cannot be eaten as fast as other dishes. You need to sip a bit to feel the taste, the sweet, the fatness, the fragrant, the spicy taste… of the meatball.

8. Braised Sweet Soup ( Che Kho) of Nam Dinh

Nam Dinh braized sweet soup is a special folk food and is processed elaborately. Only with the small green bean, some yellow bosom and just enough sugar, through the skillful hands of the cook, we have delicious Che Kho plates. The more correctly the cooking process the sweet soup,  the product will be juicier and lasts longer.

9. Tu Hai Quang Ninh

Tu com is an unfamiliar and uncommon seafood unlike shrimp, crabs, oysters, snails, … but once you enjoy the taste of this delicacy the sea, it is unforgettable. Steamed Tu Hai as appetizers is just extremely light to eat and have a very sweet aftertaste. The meat of Tu Hai is crispy and is mixed with aromatic spices.

10. Green Bean Cake Hai Duong

Green Bean Cake Hai Duong @ HoangGiaVn

Coming to Hai Duong, everyone remembers to buy Green Bean Cake as gifts. The ingredients include green beans, crystallized sugar, lard, and grapefruit oils. All are selected and processed purely to form delicious, sweet and strong bars of green bean cakes. Sipping the tea while eating Hai Duong green bean cake is the best experience.

11. Hai Phong spicy bread

Spicy bread seems to be a featured dish of The land of Ports. The Hai Phong spicy bread is tiny, crunchy, crispy, usually paired with pate and then baked on the hot coal oven. When eating, they usually use a unique sauce in Hai Phong called Chi Chuong. The spicy taste of the bread with the aromatic smell of pate make this dish unmistakeable with other localities.

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