Top dishes in Vietnam (Final part)


The final dishes in the list of Top dishes in Vietnam

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23. Grilled Pancake in Da Lat (Lam Dong)

If you ignore the Grilled Pancake, then it is as if you have not come to Da Lat! In this dish, there are dried beef, sausage, fatty cheese and egg onion. The dish smells of crispy cake, fat cheese and the scent of dried beef. Enjoying this dish when the night comes or when the weather is cold is one of the best experiences in Da Lat.

24. Sizzling Cake in Phan Thiet (Binh Thuan)

Sizzling cake in Phan Thiet is not as big as the usual ones in Saigon where they used a lot of fat on a pan to cook.  Phan Thiet sizzling cake is smaller, has more meat, and has its own attractiveness. The cake is extremely crispy after being fried, and the taste is heaven as if it melted in your mouth and awakes all your senses

25. Tamarind Pancake in Tay Ninh

Tamarind Pancake is not as simple as the spicy salt pancake or the messy mixed pancake. The cooks of this dish are always creative with the spices. The sour taste of ripe tamarind, The pungency of the chili, the crunchiness of roasted peanuts creates a charming, unforgettable taste.

26. Saigon broken rice

Broken rice in Saigon @ VNSplorer

Broken rice is a simple but famous dish of the land Saigon. With many attractive ingredients such as ribs, lice, meatballs, spring rolls … which makes it hard for guests to skip this dish when coming to Saigon.

27. Roasted chicken w/ sticky rice in Binh Duong

In Binh Duong, roast chicken is served with puffed sticky rice. Xoi (Sticky rice) is available in many kinds: black beans, green beans, peanuts, Xoi Gac… A bowl of puffed sticky rice placed next to a plate of roasted chicken, who would be able to resist this dish? Anyone who has the opportunity to visit Binh Duong cannot miss this special food.

28. Azadirachta indica salad in Chau Doc (An Giang)

The dish is a mixture of the bitter taste of the leaves, the salty mussel of the dried fish, the sour taste of the mango, the aroma of the herbs, which is very attractive.

29. Sesarma mederi salad in Bac Lieu

Sesarma mederi is a kind of crab according to Vietnamese  (this dish is derived from the Khmer people). Before eating, it can be seasoned with some spices such as sugar, peppers, garlic, monosodium glutamate, lemon juice to increase its sweetness. They tear these “crabs” and then mix it well with spices for about 15 minutes. After that time, you can start enjoying the dish.

30. Pia cake in Sóc Trăng

Pia Cake @ Am Thuc Sinh Viien

Pia cake has long been a specialty cannot be missed when coming to Soc Trang. Enjoy a few sips of the ginger tea while eating this cake and trading stories with the locals have warmed the heart of many tired adventurers in Soc Trang.

31. Harvest mouse – Sewer rat in Cao Lanh, Dong Thap

Mice have a variety of processing options such as fried, ripped, roasted, with boiled rice, using chopped lemongrass chili wrapped with raw herbs and pancakes … each dish has a different taste. Most of the time people just simply marinate the meat with garlic and wine and then roast fresh mice on the charcoal until it is well-cooked.

32. Khot Cake in Vung Tau

The cake is shaped like some other cakes of Central people, which made from rice flour and shrimp. The surface of the cake is white, but there are some small red dots which comes from the shrimp, and some green dots from the onion.

33. Fish sauce hotpot in U Minh (Ca Mau)

U Minh fish sauce hotpot @

Fish sauce is cooked by smashing the meat, carefully filtered the bone, and the sauces, sugar to your taste and then add it to the hot pot. In addition, you can add a little bit of lemongrass, the root should be smashed and then put into the hot pot. In order to make the soup rich in flavor, aromatic in the smell, and so on, a little bit of cow’s milk is added as a substitution for sugar. Coming to U Minh do not forget to enjoy this delicious hot pot!

Hope you enjoy your time in Vietnam.

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