Top dishes in Myanmar’s culinary


Some of the most delicious dishes in Myanmar.

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Tea Leaf Salad

One of Myanmar’s famous specialties is lephet or fermented tea leaves. They are eaten separately or used as raw materials for lephet thoke – salty leaf salad.

The bitter tea leaves are mixed with spinach, tomatoes, crunchy beans, nuts, some garlic oil, chili and sliced fresh garlic. This dish can be used as snacks, appetizers or with rice.

Shan Rice

The Nga htamin (fish and rice) consists of cooked rice that is shaped in the round (or flat), then add fish meat and garlic oil up. Rice is usually served with leeks, fresh garlic and green vegetables

Burmese curry

Burmese curry @ A taste of two cities

Curry is the center of this dish, which is usually made from pork, fish, shrimp, beef or lamps. However, you will have countless attractive side dishes that go along.

Curries are usually served with rice, salad, sauteed vegetables, a small bowl of soup and a large plate of vegetables (raw or boiled), herbs, and a variety of sauces.

The sauce comes in many varieties, from ngapi ye – a light fish sauce to balachaung – dry spices mixture of garlic, chili, and fried shrimp.

Meals at tea pubs

The Tea House of Myanmar is not only a place for you to drink soft drinks with milk tea. The guests can enjoy many interesting dishes in accordance with the culture of the owner.

You can order dishes like traditional noodles or htamin thoke – a rice salad.

Indian or Islamic teahouses serve a variety of dishes influenced by Southeast Asian cuisine, such as samosas or poori or toasted bread like nanbya.


Snacks in Myanmar are usually served with tea in the morning or afternoon. Their sweetness is not from the sugar but from the ingredients such as copra, coconut milk, rice flour, glutinous rice, cassava flour, and fruit.

Highlights include hsa nwin ma kin (coconut milk powder, ghee butter, and raisins), bein moun and moun pyit thalet.

Fried foods

Myanmar people like to eat fried foods. Most of the sidewalk pavilions or teahouses are fried, from spring rolls to bread rolls. Many noodles are sprinkled with akyaw – fried foods to decorate.

A well worth-a-try dish here is buthi kyaw, fried zuchinni dipping with a sweet and sour sauce made from tamarind and bean flour.

Shan Tofu Noodle

Shan Tofu Noodle @ Youtube

The hto-hpu nwe means “hot tofu” in Burmese. However, this dish does not contain tofu. It consists of a soup made from bean flour.

This type of yellow sticky sauce is sprinkled on the noodles, and then adds marinated chicken or pork with a little bit of satay. This dish is served with vegetables and salt water.

Nangyi thoke

This is a kind of salad mixed with noodles, consisting of round and thick noodles mixed with chicken, fish, boiled eggs. The ingredients are added some roasted bean flour, turmeric and satay then mixed by hand and served with salt pickles served with a bowl of soup.


Mohinga is Myanmar’s “unofficial national food”. Round noodles are made with fish sauce and shallots. This dish is sold on the street, usually eaten for breakfast or late at night. You can add boiled eggs, akyaw, lentils, limes and chili powder.

Shan Noodles

This dish is made by using striped noodles with spicy soups and then add pork or chicken, roasted sesame, and garlic oil. It is served with vegetables and salt.

Shan Noodles taste relatively simple, easy to eat and very tasty. Noodles also have dry versions served with separate bowls of soup.

Hope you enjoy your time in Myanmar!

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