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Best destination for a delicious dish in Asia.

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Vinh Khanh Road, HCMC, Vietnam

Ho Chi Minh City has a lot of food street, including Vinh Khanh street in District 4, always attract the young people to go in groups, sit on the dining room plastic chairs. They can find favorite dishes and enjoy a beer.

Vinh Khanh Road is very busy, with many motorcycles attached to karaoke speakers, street dancers, pavement processing on the spot always offers guests. Most of the guests come here to eat seafood with snails, oysters, oysters … The most favorite place is the Oanh Restaurant by sea snails, grilled oysters and usually served on large plates. In addition, diners come here to enjoy the beef, roast pork with the charcoal stove.

Jalan Alor, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Jalan Alor @ DG MANILLA

Visitors to Kuala Lumpur often think of Bukit Bintang as an ostentatious shopping area. However, this is also home to Jalan Alor, a full-service, street-side dining area with table chairs. The dishes featured here are typical of Malaysian street food such as satay (skewered barbecue), popiah (smoked beef) or dried jackfruit.

Although the neighborhood is open all day, visitors should come here in the evening for enjoying the cheap food and seeing the street performers. An intestinal “address” of the customers to Jalan Alor is seafood Sai Woo, or charcoal grilled chicken wings Wong Ah Wah.

Mahabandoola, Yangon, Myanmar

Surrounded by the old colonial architecture, but the center of Yangon today is crowded with vehicles, residents. The street vendors are all over the alley, though the real culinary street begins in Chinatown, most notably 19th Street.

On Mahabandoola Street, you will find a myriad of mohinga (fish buns) in the morning. Lahpet salads are sold a lot. The highlight of street 19 is the overflowing tables and chairs at night. Crowds of tourists and locals made the night in Mahabandoola more noisy, noisy. For only $ 2 you can buy a bottle of beer to enjoy with roasted meats or vegetables.

Luang Prabang Night Market, Luang Prabang, Laos

Luang Prabang Night Market @ Vietnamitas en Madrid

The cultural capital of Laos also owns the distinctive cuisine that the night market is the central location. The night market is located along the small streets of Sisavangvong Road to the early morning market, where you can find local specialties at reasonable prices. Sandwiches, fruit juices are also available at Sisavangvong.

The night market stalls gathered on the sides of the paved red brick road, laid on wooden benches. Most sellers here can tell customers what they sell in English. The chicken is called ping kai is the most popular. You should also enjoy more exotic dishes such as aw lahm (kaoben), or kaipen, a kind of seaweed from the Mekong River, dried sesame seeds and then served with spicy chili sauce mixed with buffalo skin.

Charoenkrung, Bangkok, Thailand

The workers, employees after hours poured over the banks of the Bangrak, making the pavement shops in Charoenkrung busier. One of the most famous places is Jok Prince, located in a small alley leading to Prince cinema. The restaurant serves chicken porridge, pork with attractive flavor, aroma diffused from the rice seeds scattered around the bottom of the pot.

Located on Charoenkrung Road, Prachak, a small diner opened in 1897, is considered to be the best selling duck in Bangkok with the most commonly used spicy chili sauce. Guests should arrive early because the restaurant closes at 8 pm. If you want to eat delicious dessert, Sor Boonprakob at the corner of lane 44 selling mango is very attractive. Like other eateries set up here, the restaurant has been in service for over 80 years.

Smith, Singapore

Lion Island has brought street food to a new level when two Michelin star restaurants in 2016 are opened. A Hong Kong-style rice and chicken pastry shop has now opened. restaurant on Smith Street. This is also the address for a variety of street food, small shops have a long tradition.

The Chinatown dining area is surrounded by a glass dome with a cooling system to help visitors eat, shopping, not to be annoyed by the heat. The restaurants here usually place plastic tables and chairs in areas where there are no means of transportation. Guests will experience all kinds of food, from roast duck to specialty frog porridge, or snacks such as kway teow noodles, popiah beef … This area is open for guests to 23h daily.

Hope you enjoy your time in Asia!
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