Top 13 dishes that frighten the Westerners in Asia


Some of the terrifying foods in Asia that frighten the Westerners tourists

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1. Durian

Durian @

If durian is a favorite dish of many Asians and is considered the “king of fruits”, for the West, this is the fruit of the taste … very terrible.

2. Nattō

Natto @ Youtube

This is one of the traditional Japanese delicacies, made from fermented soybean. Although nattō is rich in nutrients, its taste is not appreciated by Westerners

3. Guilinggao

Guilinggao @ Carry it like Harry

Also known as “salute”, guilinggao are specialty desserts of the United States of Wuzhou (Guangxi), and is also the traditional cuisine of the Yang Guang. Guilding gao is black and bitter, so Westerners often dare not enjoy this nutritious drink.

4. Weasel coffee

A weasel eating coffee beans @ ASEANtoday

This is the most expensive and rare specialty coffee in the world, famous for its aromatic flavor, the smell of smoke and the taste of chocolate. In Vietnam, the most famous mink coffee brand is Trung Nguyen, which is named “Weasel Coffee Trung Nguyen”.

However, how to make this type of coffee makes many people amazed. In essence, the coffee beans are harvested from … the feces of the speckled foxes after they have been eaten and then discharged from the foxes. On the television program “Franklin & Bash” aired on the US TNT channel, after Pinder drank a mug of coffee, he was shocked and vomited out after knowing the true origin of the drink.

5. Roasted chicken feet

Roasted chicken feet @ Youtube

For many young Vietnamese, chicken feets are one of the best dishes, categorized as a street specialty that is not to be missed. During the cold autumn-winter, stopping at a street food shop with friends sipping a fragrant, fat chicken feet, nothing is better than that. The Ly Van Phuc street in Hanoi is also known as “Chicken street” because of this wonderful dish.

But Western tourists will probably jump up if they find a chicken feet on the table. Perhaps apart from Vietnam, only China, South Korea, Mexico, South Africa and Peru are fond of this dish.

6. Salanganes’Nest

Salanganes’s nest @

You may think that this is a high-grade food only for the kings in the royal palace in ancient times. But for Europeans and Americans, eating bird’s nests is like swallowing the saliva of swift bird – they cannot stand it!

7. Bac Thao duck eggs

Bac Thao eggs @ Elle

Bac Thao eggs is a favorite appetizer in Asian countries like Vietnam, China, Taiwan, and Thailand. The processing makes the egg turn to dark brown, clear white like jelly, while the yolk is dark blue.

However, the blackness and the pungency of this dish makes many Western guests scared.

8. Frozen blood

Frozen blood @ Bao Thanh Nien

From the pigs, chicken, duck to the full range of dishes such as boiled, fried, fried, … oh my delicious dishes! But no matter how much you Asians love it, never introduce it to Westerners.

9. Ant eggs

Ant egg soup @ Dudaonline

Ant eggs soup is considered Lao specialties. This dish is famous for the crunchy, sour, sweet, and greasy taste. But if you look at the bowl floating with small ants, perhaps this will be a nightmare for those who are afraid of insects in the West.

10. Silkworm chrysalis

Silkworm Chrysalis @ DIYtrade

Eating Chrysalis? No matter how delicious and nutritious this dish is, the westerners would rather starve than have to put up something worm-like like that.

11.Wasp cookies

Wasp cookies @ SoraNews24

The Japanese gift each other these boxes of biscuits  because of love, while Westerners gift this kind of cake probably to … scare each other.

12. Pufferfish

A pufferfish dish @ PinkyPiggu

Considered a delicacy in Japan, Westerners are afraid of puffer fish by the dangerous toxins in this fish.

13. Shiokara

Shiokara @ Wikipedia

Shiokara is considered one of the six most exotic dishes in Japan. This dish is made from fermented fish gut and parts of many seafood species. Those who enjoy Shiokara for the first time will have the impression of a muddy, sticky, and horrible smell. If you swallow a piece of Shiokara, then you should drink a sip of whiskey to support the neck!

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