Top 10 dishes in Asia (P2)

Top 10 dishes in Asia (P2)
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The 2nd part of “Top 10 dishes in Asia (P1)

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Thali @ Lyte Byte

Country: India

Considered as one of the indispensable dishes on the Indian menu, Thali includes rice, Naan bread, curried bean curd, potato curry, sugar-free yogurt and a few other dishes. All these dishes are placed in a tray with many small bowls, creating variety and richness for the table. The bright colors of the dishes also make people enjoy the feeling of enjoyment and deliciousness.


Satay @ The Spuce

Country: Indonesia

When you come to the "land of the thousand islands," you certainly cannot ignore the famous Satay (meat skewers) here. This is quite a popular dish and is usually found in all over the world. However, with the Satay in Indonesia, the taste is unique. This dish consists of grated chicken or chopped chicken, sliced into bamboo sticks with tofu; or goat meat, beef, pork, depending on the taste, preferences of each person. These ingredients are seasoned marinated and eaten, and of course, there is no shortage of spicy character in this dish. Comes with satay are peanut dipping sauces. The hot meat scoop on the charcoal stove, accompanied by the aroma, the fatty flavor of the peanut sauce, will surely satisfy the diners when enjoying this dish.

Jasha Maru

Jasha Maru @ Am Thuc News 24H

Country: Bhutan

Coming to "the happiest country in the world", you can not miss the famous Jasha maru here. Made from the Bhutan-style chicken stew, Jasha maru gives the visitor a sense of delight and satisfaction with the sweetness of chicken along with the rich taste of Bhutan's red pepper. This type of chili is specialized in the Thimphu area, so the taste of Jasha maru is unique and unmistakable to anywhere else. If you have the opportunity to come here, remember to treat yourself this wonderful dish.

Ikan Bakar

Ikan Bakar @ Wikipedia

Country: Malaysia

This is a very unique and popular grilled fish in Malaysia, as well as in Asia. Fresh fish is soaked in a lot of chili paste and spices if needed, then the fish is lined with a layer of the banana leaf below and is baked on charcoal fire. Ikan Bakar is often served with hot rice, soy sauce, curry and other green vegetables. Along with the freshness of the fish, the spicy taste of chili sauce, the aroma of curry, will definitely satisfy customers when tasted.

Doner Kebab

Doner Kebab @

Country: Turkey

This is a quite popular street food in Turkey. A large piece of meat is skewered, roasted by spinning. The processor will chop the meat off and put on the bread, then served with ketchup and ginger. Barbecued meat used here may be pork, chicken, cow or goat, sheep, ... All have been soaked in seasonings. You may have tried a variety of bread and sandwiches. But when trying out Doner Kebab, you will certainly enjoy the tenderness, the softness, the flavor of the meat which were elaborately processed by the people here.

Enjoy your stay in Asia.

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