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Some of the most delicious dishes in Asia

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Pho @ Pho Cali 

Country: Vietnam

Pho appeared in “Best cuisine in the world” according to the website Busines Insider. This dish is loved by the local and the foreigners alike. Some information suggests that Pho originates from Nam Dinh province and Hanoi city of Vietnam. Coming to Vietnam these days, you can find good Pho shops everywhere in every provinces/city. The two main components of Pho are soup( cooked using chicken and cow bones) and rice noodle(made using rice powder). Other than that, there are chickens, beef that is sliced thinly. Some of the seasonings for this dish include chili, lemon, pickled garlic, but it đepends on your taste because you can freely add it yourself. Some of the vegetables including basil, coriander, cilantro, onion, etc… makes the dish looks and taste much more delicious.


Sushi @ Mon Nhat Ban

Country: Japan

This is one of the traditional dishes of Japanese. For thousand years, the Japanese had the tradition to incubate the fishes, the meat, and the shrimps to make the rice taste more delicious.  They usually add a bit vinegar to create the sour taste, the sweet taste, thus increases the taste overall. Because of that, sushi was born.

When making sushi, they will incubate the rice till it becomes reasonably sour, or they will just vinegar to the rice to increase the flavor and the appetite. Some of the side ingredients including Neta. Neta might be salmon, salmon egg, fibble yarn, seafood. But the most popular one has to be seafood. Based on the ways to make and to decorate, sushi is classified into 5 types (rolled, grasped, wrapped, fermented, fried). Quite a lot right? The sauce to eat along is usually wasabi or Japanese soy, all has its own flavor and still very good.

Tom Yum

Tom Yum @ Pacific Travel

Country: Thailand

This is a kind of sour soup in “the land of golden pagoda” that is incredibly famous and was ranked 8th on “50 most delicious cuisine in the world” (according to CNN). The dish originates from the mountainous area, now it is popular to other countries and even to the world. The main ingredients for this dish are shrimps, meats or mushrooms. The seasonings including Kaff lime leaf, lemongrass, galangal, dried onion, fresh chili (Or satay, dried chili), lemon juice along with herbs, tomatoes, coconut water, broth… but especially Thai fish sauce. This is a hard to make a dish and has a lot of ingredients. If you have the chance to visit Thailand, remember to treat yourself a bowl of Tom Yum to enjoy its deliciousness.


Samgyetang @ Wikipedia

Country:  South Korea

Coming to this country, you should try to order the famous Samgyetang, which means chicken with ginseng. This dish contains a lot of protein, nutrients, and makes the body feel healthier. In Korea there are 3 hot seasons, so, the Samgyetang soup is always a favorite choice because it helps the body release the heat very effectively.

The components of the soups are clean young chickens, stuffed with glutinous rice, jujube then stitched with threads. Then they put it in a stone pot to bake for hours. The sweetness of chicken and the flavor con ginseng combines together and create a hot bowl of Samgyetang which is loved by many.

Shui Jiao (Chinese boiled dumpling)

Shui Jiao @ Archana’s Kitchen

Country:  China

China is famous to the world because of its diverse and long-lasting cuisine. Among them, Shui Jiao is one of the best cuisines in China since ancient time. This is a very popular dish in China, especially in Lunar New Year. Shui Jiao not only tastes really good but also symbols lucks and the reunion of the family members. Because of that, the Chinese really love this dish.  The ingredients for this dish consist of two parts: the shell and the core. The shell is usually made with white rice and glutinous rice, which symbols luck. The core is usually pork, beef, chopped carrot, seasonings. Shui Jiao is usually molded into the half-moon shape which is quite aesthetically pleasing. You can bake it, eat it with soy sauce, sauce or noodles.

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