How to eat like a local in Singapore

How to eat like a local in Singapore
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Some of the best tips to eat deliciously like a local in Singapore, Asia. Hope after this article you will be able to enjoy this lovely country more.

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Eat chicken rice

Hainanese chicken rice is considered the national dish of Singapore. This dish is delicious, although the process is quite simple: The rice cooked with chicken broth then eat the chopped chicken, a little vegetable, and delicious sauce.

It is hard to choose the wrong one once you decide to eat this dish because most eateries, from sidewalks to restaurants, cook this dish very well.

Each eatery has its own secret recipes to make chicken rice, so do not be surprised if the taste of this dish varies slightly in each restaurant. The two restaurants received a lot of good reviews from guests at Tian Tian Restaurant at Maxwell Road and Chatterbox at Mandarin Orchard Hotel. If Tian Tian brings the experience of street food, Chatterbox brings more of the restaurant.

Go eat at the food courts

A food court at Singapore @ COHN17

If you come to Singapore, do not miss the chance to experience the food court. Here you can find a lot of different styles of food such as Sing, Thai, Malay, Indian and Western.

Dining areas are divided into two categories, open dining and food court. The open area is where there are food stalls around the dining table in the middle, and the closed area is no different than a maze, where restaurants and tables are not arranged in any particular order.

The culinary delights of Singapore's finest dining districts are Old Airport Road, Maxwell Road, Tiong Bahru, Chomp Chomp and Chinatown. A tip for travelers is to boldly call the food that you do not know what, you will not be disappointed.


Do not drink at Long Bar

If you are a tourist, you will be eager to go to the famous Raffle Hotel, which is considered the jewel of Singapore's heritage and sit in Long Bar to enjoy the legendary Singapore Sling cocktail. However, local people often do not go there because of the expensive price.

Instead, they go to areas such as Clark Quay, Little India or near Chinatown, where lively karaoke bars and popular bars serve delicious drinks like beer and cocktails. Skillfully, and even if you definitely want to try the Singapore Sling, they can also serve you.


Explore the secret in Chinatown

Chinatown of Singapore @ Singapore Guide

Singaporeans believe that food outlets catering to tourists in Chinatown, near Disney often sell expensive food, quality, and food hygiene at an average level.

If you want to eat in good taste, you should look to a three-storey building looks poor by passing through the yard of the Buddha Temple (Buddha Tooth Relic Temple and Museum). The lower floor of the building is the food store and the upper two floors are more than 100 food stalls selling delicious food. At peak time, there are always crowded local guests to eat.

In addition, in the south of the building, there is a smaller dining area, where a German sausage shop is owned by an Austrian owner. This is not traditional Singapore cuisine but it is a lot of people love.

Try the durian

Singapore durian @ Burpple

Some tourists described the durian as a combination of "pineapple and porcupine". Saying this is not the "notorious" fruit of many Southeast Asian countries. It is famous because it is so heavy. But do not let the scent of durian threat you, if you are brave enough to try it, you will feel the sweetness of the flesh and maybe you will soon become a major durian. That's it.

Singapore’s additional information

Singapore (/ˈsɪŋəpɔːr/ ), /ˈsɪŋɡə-/), officially the Republic of Singapore, is a sovereign city-state and island country in Southeast Asia. It lies one degree (137 kilometers (85 mi)) north of the equator, at the southern tip of the Malay Peninsula, with Indonesia's Riau Islands to the south and Peninsular Malaysia to the north. Singapore's territory consists of one main island along with 62 other islets. Since independence, extensive land reclamation has increased its total size by 23% (130 square kilometers (50 sq mi).

Hope you enjoy your time in Singapore!
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