Experiencing Japan through its cuisine


Japan is an interesting country with lots of good traditional dishes like Sushi. Visiting Japan you cannot forget to try all the foods in this wonderful country. Trying all the food in this country is actually a good way to experience this country in a whole because different provinces offer the tourists a different sensation in cuisine, but all of them are memorable experiences that cannot soon–to-be forgot.

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Tokyo: Edo-mae zushi

Edo-mae zushi @ MonNgonBonPhuong

The capital city of Japan Tokyo is a famous city with the dish called Edo-mae zushi (sushi). This food may look simple with some slides of meat or sea food above a small piece of rice. But in the tradition of Japanese cuisine, the more simple the food is, the more dedication and precision is required. In order to make a good-looking but also a delicious piece of sushi, the cook usually has to spend 7 years to practice using a knife and choosing the ingredients.

Sushi is always on the top Recommended food to try when in Japan. Do not forget to try the sushi on a conveyor in a sushi shop in Tokyo. It’s a good cuisine experience all in all.

Kyoto: Yudofu

Yudofu @ Wiki Travel

You cannot skip Yudofu if you want to experience Japan through its cuisine.  This is, in reality, a familiar food named “ tofu”. But in Kyoto, this food is entirely different than the ones in Vietnam or China, because the extremely complicated way to cook and the side foods that go along.

Normally, Vietnamese usually just boil the tofu and eat it using fish sauce or other seasonings. But Kyoto people cook this dish in a very complicated way. They stew the tofu in a special stew pot when it is cooked and soaked with seasoning, they will add some vegetables and some kelps into it. While eating, they use two kinds of special sauce called Yuzu kosho and Ponzu.

Osaka : Takoyaki

Takoyaki @ Tsunagu Japan

Not only a favorite food to the locals, the tourists also seems to enjoy this street food. Takoyaki is made using octopus, onion and powder blended with dipped ginger. While making this dish, the cook will put the ingredients inside a half-round-shaped mold. When it is cooked, they will quickly turn the cake around to cook the other side of the cake. Lots of tourists say that eating Takoyaki while watching the cook makes it an interesting experience.

Takoyaki is a famous dish in Osaka, and this is also the birthplace of this dish in Japan. Because of that, if you intend to experience Japan through its cuisine, do not forget to come to Osaka to try this dish.

Hiroshima: Okonomiyaki

Okonomiyaki @ GaijinPot Blog

The most famous food in Hiroshima is Okonomiyaki, Japanese’s pizza. Although this dish was born in Osaka, the people from Hiroshima is known to be the best cook of this dish.

Hiroshima’s Okonomiyaki is consists of two layers. The ingredients are not blended like other provinces. First is a layer of powder. After that is cabbages,  meat, octopus, shrimps, cheese, noodles. Finally is another layer of powder. While eating, it is also covered with Okonomi sauce, mayonnaise, onion, dried tuna. This dish is not only delicious to eat but also fun to watch while they are making it.

Okinawa: Chanpuru

Chanpuru Osaka @ TokyoWeekender

Chanpuru is the fried bitter melon of Okinawa. If you think bitter melon is the same everywhere and you do not need to go to Okinawa to have a taste of this dish, you are wrong. Chanpuru is a traditional dish of Okinawa, is made using Japanese bitter melon, tofu, vegetables and some other kinds of meat and fish. If you have tasted this dish once, you will never be able to forget the weird but good sensation that this dish gives you. Do not forget to drop by Okinawa to try this dish while in Japan.

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