10 food stalls in Hua Hin, Thailand that you should not skip

10 food stalls in Hua Hin, Thailand that you should not skip
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If you are wondering about what to eat in Hua Hin, Thailand, then worry no more! This article seeks to supply with the information about some of the best street food in Hua Hin, Thailand, and where to find them. Remember to try some of these dishes when you are in the area!

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60 years old dumpling stall

In Hua Hin, the dumplings may be thought of as the dumplings of a woman's age of more than 60 years old. Especially when it is cold, just looks at the pot of hot smoke is just enough to warm enough heart. The dumplings here are quite a lot of flavors like pork, red beans, pumpkin, sweet potato ... The cake is soft, sweet, sweet when mixed with the special artificial parts.

Address: near ChatChai market

Opening hours: 17h - 19h30


Fried pastry

Unlike the one in Vietnam, which is usually made into a pair, the hot pastry in Hua Hin is made individually and randomly, with no fixed shape. Especially, the hot dip is added to special sauces such as custard, coconut milk, pineapple leaves, coffee ... are contained in the small plastic jar attached. Each hot serve is priced at 2 baht so it is considered ideal for cheap snacks.

Opening hours: 5 am - 9 am (Monday - Friday) 5h - 10h (Saturday, Sunday)


Grilled pork skewers

Skewered pork of Hua Hin @ Pho Cao

Grilled and skewered pork are so delicious that you will not be able to skip this dish. The red pork are lying on the grill grate that is hard to resist really will make you not regret when you spend money buying this. Each serve is about 100 baht.

Address: Hua Hin Market

Hours open: 7h - until the end of the row



Located in the Hua Hin night market, this rotee stall is the best in the area. Rotee is made from a layer of eggs outside, the inner parts are banana, mango, cheese, coconut ... Egg thin wrapped a section of the kernel and then cut into several small squares to enjoy. Each rotee cost about 40 baht, however, the counter is only open from 17 pm to 23 pm night so do not come here during the day!

Address: Hua Hin Market

Opening hours: 17h - 23h



Not only in Japan but to Hua Hin tourism, if you suddenly want some sushi, there is a line of quality sushi for you to enjoy. Although there is only a small street side, the sushi here is quite diverse in raw materials and especially is very fresh.

Address: Phra Pinklao, just behind the Hua Hin night market

Opening hours: 16h - 23h


Grilled corn

Grilled corn in Hua Hin @ Living in Sin

Corn is grilled is then dipped into salty, a sweet and shiny mixture. There are the US yellow corns here, and also white corn, purple corn, so there are many options for diners. Each corn stover is priced at only 15 baht. In addition to grilled corn, this item also sells other cheap items at the same price.

Address: right on Hua Hin market

Opening hours: 18h - 24h


Roasted duck rice

If you want to find a delectable dish in Hua Hin, then roasted duck rice can be considered as an ideal choice at a reasonable price, about 100 baht. You can buy on the spot a plate of steamed rice with a layer of roasted red duck meat on top of a few slices of cucumber. Or you can also take away wrapped in a thick layer of paper.

Address: Hua Hin 72, Soi Dechanuchit

Opening hours: 8h30 - 13h30


All kinds of fries

When you stop at this fried stew, you will easily find the fried dishes like fried bananas, fried taro, in addition to pumpkin, potatoes ... All are covered with a layer of fried crispy powder and put in oil and then fried until crispy crust and the layer outside is cooked enough.

Address: 59 Soi Naeb Kahardt, Tambon Hua Hin

Opening hours: 7h - 15h


Grilled meatballs

The main ingredients are pork loin and mashed potatoes, then baked on charcoal grits. Continue to slice the meatballs into the sauce and bake again for the sauce to soak up and evoke the aromatic smell.

Address: 160/11 Chomsin Road, Hua Hin

Opening hours: 10h - 16h30


Lod Chong

Lod Chong @ Youtube

Lod Chong is a Thai worm tea, but this dish is quite similar to the cake in Vietnam. It is called the Thai worm because of the long, long green fibers that look like worms. A cup of Lod Chong usually consists of blueness, coconut milk, sugar water is boiled with fragrant jackfruit. When eating, the diner will add cool ice cream. Going outside in the middle of the hot sun than met the Lod Chong counter is the best thing that can happen to you here.

Address: 29/1 Hua Hin 55

Opening hours: 10am - 6pm

Hopefully, you found this article helpful!

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