Some unique festivals in Asia


Some unique festivals in Asia

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The vegetarian festival in Phu Ket, Thailand

Pretty horrifying @ Youtube

This festival is held every October in Phu Ket, Thailand. This started way back in 19th century. The believers gather here to show their belief in their god and ask for power to fight the disease and evil spirits. Even though being called “Vegetarian Festival in Phu Ket”, the most important event are watching the believers use sharp objects to pierce through their body.

The “Making the kids cry” festival in Japan

Sumo fighters trying to make the kids cry @ Today I learned something new

No mother would want to see their child cry, but here in April, the kids are encouraged to cry as loud as possible.

Every year, in Sensoji Pagoda – Tokyo, Japan, the sumo fighters will lift the kids high up and try to scare them to make them cry. There are even referee to count the score. The one whose kid cry the longest and the loudest is the winner.

The water festival of Kampuchea

The water festival @ Begodi

Considered the biggest festival in Khmer calendar, the water festival takes place on the day of full moon in November. In this time the water in the lakes and swamps is always full, almost identical to a huge field of water.

The people in this country usually gather around the Tonle Sap river and Mekong river of Pnom Penh (Capital city) to watch boat racing. Thousands of racer join in a 1km race in this river.

In the evening, people will be able to watch spectacular fireworks above the river and colorful ships drifting along the side of the river. The festival marks the change of the current of Tonle Sap. It is served to thank Mekong river because of the rich soil and the food it gave to the locals.

The hungry ghost festival in China

Burning the hell money @ Toronto Star

This is one of the special festivals of Chinese. Chinese believe that the day the festival began is the day the Hellgate is opened and from the gate, the hungry ghosts are unleased and wander around the country.

In order to ease the spirits, the locals usually burn hell money or fake house, cars… made in the paper. In these 2 or 3 days, everywhere in the street people hang lanterns and shoot fireworks. A really beautiful atmosphere for tourists.

The “Asking for children” festival in Japan

This is the festival of the people who follow the Shinto way in Japan. The festivals held because of the belief to extend the family name in Japan. It is held in April every year.

An interesting thing is the girls who work in red lantern street will come here to pray. They believe doing so will help them stay away from the Sexually Transferred Diseases (STD)

The monkey festival in Thailand

“Hairy guests” of the festival @ Los Angeles Times

This festival is usually held in front of Pra Prang Sam Yot temple in Lopburi province, which is about 150km away from the capital of Bangkok. The festival has a huge meaning to this country. If someone ever researched about the culture of this country, they will know the great Ramayana empire.

In the heroic epic, Rama of the empire has treated and rewarded his close allies Monkey King Hanuman a fief, which became Lopburi province much later. Because of that, the festival is held as a tribute to the national hero of Thailand.

People prepare a lot of foods, fresh fruits, vegetables, iced cream, soda for thousands of “hairy guests”. There is even a great team of chefs serves in this party.

Karatsu Kunchi festival in Japan

Karatsu Kunchi @ GaijinPot Blog

November is the month the Karatsu Kunchi is held in Karatsu city. This is a traditional festival that was held for 300 years already. Lots of huge ships with lots of shapes like seabream, dragon… parade around every corner of the street.

At the festival, lots of handmade art, which is carefully made into lots of shapes, is also presented.

Hope you have a great time in Asia!

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