Festivals that you should pay a visit in Asia


Here are some of the fun and lively festivals in Asia that you might want to visit this year. Visiting these festivals might help you relax and learn about another culture as well as their traditional values.

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Chingay Festival, Singapore

Chingay Festival @ Where To Go

Time: February every year.

Location: Singapore

The unique and colourful festival of Singapore, Chingay is a big parade on the street with a lot of activities like man-on-stilts, fireworks, culture show named Galore. The festival began in 1973 when the usage of fireworks is banned because of the potential danger.

Since then, the festival has grown so much and is celebrated by locals in two days. It is very lively in Singapore this time of the year. In the festival, there are also Chinese’s Kungfu show, Samba show, and Kulit Wayang show.

Along with the festival, the tourists can also visit some other great attractions like Museum of Asia Civilization, Chinatown’s Central Heritage, Peranakan Museum, Baba House.

Songkran, Thailand

Songkran Festival @ Book Thailand Now

Time: 13 – 1 April each year.

Location: Bangkok, Chiangmai.

This is a festival that celebrates New Year Eve in Thailand. Here in this festival, everyone gathers and splash water into each other happily and bustlingly. The splashing festival symbolizes the cleansing of bad luck, unlucky in people’s lives and hopes for a better year with good things coming.

These days, this festival attracts a lot of people who are happy to get wet a bit in exchange for tons of fun.

In Ayutthaya, Songkran,  the festival features lots of elephants and is more religious than the one in Bangkok. The locals bring foods to the pagoda for the monks, release the birds, celebrate the old age of the elders, and then splash water into each other.

Apart from the festival, enjoying spicy Thai food seems to be a  great attraction for a lot of foreign tourists while they are here.

Sakura Festival ( Cherry Blossom) , Japan

Sakura Festival @ Event Carnival

Time: Every year when the sakura flowers blossom.

Location: Japan.

Sakura Festival is a popular festival in Japan. This is one of the few short festivals that only take place only in one or two weeks all over Japan. This festival has existed for centuries. In the time of the festival, Japanese usually organize a small picnic to observe the Sakura flower blossoms under a Sakura tree. The outdoor picnic usually has some light snacks and some drinks.

The Mud Festival Boryeong, South Korea

The Mud Festival Boryeong @ Wikipedia

Time: Mid-July every year

Location: Boryeong, Korea.

Boryeong City is famous for the Mud festival that takes place in two weeks, mainly consists of The Sacrifice Festival Bacchus and The Mud Festival. Every year there are two million people who take part in this coastal festival. The mud here is very rich in mineral which is really good for people’s health. The fun and lively atmosphere are also good for health.

As if not enough, the festival also has tons of other activities like mud jumping, mud sliding, mud wrestling.

The visitors can also go to the Daecheon beach in Boryeong to enjoy good sea food and Korean BBQ.

Holi Festival, India

Holi Festival @ Insight India

Time: Early March each year.

Location: Jaipur, Goa, Rajasthan, Mumbai  – India.

The colorful spring festival Holi is celebrated to welcome a new year with tons of good and happy things coming. The festival has a fun, lively atmosphere and always seems to be crowded with people. Holi is also celebrated in Singapore, but of course here in India, the festival is the most original and most exciting. In the festival, everyone is painted on their face and their body with lots of colors.

Before the Holi festival is the Elephant festival in Jaipur, which is also a really unique festival that consists a parade of many elephants, horses, camels, and lots of street dancers.

Hope you have a great time in Asia!

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