Boryeong mud festival in South Korea


Boryeong mud festival is the hottest festival in South Korea right now.

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An international festival

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This festival takes place for two weeks. Throughout these days, the tourists from everywhere around the world will gather in the beach Daecheon to take part in the lively activities of the festivals. Some of them are Mud bathing, mud sliding, mud prison, mud sliding contest, mud body painting, or being the lucky person who gets to participate in mud wrestling contest.

A huge stage is set up on the beach for live music, contests, and many other games. A small market along the coast sells a lot of cosmetics that are made in Boryeong mud. There are also lots of beauty store and healthy shop like massage shops, acupuncture shops, and many other shops that offer services using mud. There are also lots of unique games like jumping in the mud bath, running a contest on mud, dancing in mud and particularly a contest to find a “King Mud”. A wonderful firework scene ends the festival.

Millions of tourists come to Chungcheong, Korea every day to participate in this festival and experience the sensation of being filled in mud games. Once you have come to this beach, you have no other choice but to put mud into your body. If you do not do that, you will be thrown into the mud prison and has to wait until the firework.

The purpose

The main stage @ Youtube

Boryeong in South Chungcheong, Korea is the biggest mud festival in the world. This festival is to advertise the uses of mud here. The mud here is rich in mineral, good for skin and healthy so it is used in a lot of cosmetics. The festival attracted a lot of attention and became a hot event every year. Mud festival Boryeong 2013  was opened during the July, ended on July 28th which attracted more than 3 million visitors. It was expected of the festival to attract about 300 000 foreign tourists in that year.

Lots of tourists from all around the world participated in the festivals. Mud was transferred to Boryeong for the live events like Mud bath, Mud sliding, Mud sliding contest… Apart from that, the main area of the festival also has a main stage, which plays live music, holds many contests and games. The tourists can buy themselves lots of cosmetics made in mud and pay for some massage services which also use mud. During the time of the festival, lots of recreational zones are set up right on the romantic beach Daecheon, for example, a huge bath of mud, a mud slide, a ring for mud wrestling… They also make colored mud so that you can have your body painted. There are also tons parades on the street, parades on boats, some expedition about products made using mud and local delicacies. A small market along the coast can offer additional services like selling cosmetics, massage services… The Boryeong festival is usually held in July at the Daecheon beach.  

Hope you enjoy your stay in South Korea!

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